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Google unveils Emergency Contact App -- Trusted Contacts
Google has unveiled a new app called Trusted Contacts,

The app which is currently available for Android users only, allows the user to mark certain contacts
google emergency contact App
as trusted contacts. These contacts will be shared with the user's exact location, at a very short notice (such as press of a simple button), during emergency situations.

During any emergency situation, these trusted contacts will not only know the exact location of the user or mobile device user, but will also know details such as if you're phone is offline, your phone battery is charged and more.

Visit Google Play to download it for free.   

ABisht Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Compete with online Friends in Fruit Ninja Tournament Beta Edition
If you already play Fruit Ninja, then you would already be playing the Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition as a Beta User. If not, then you can try it now. Fruit Ninja is a game where you slice fruits
Compete with online Friends in Fruit Ninja Tournament Beta Edition
falling from the North.

The Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition is open us for signup in Beta testing. The new game brings fan-first approach towards the development of a game, where you can challenge and compete with your friends, foes or total strangers in a game of Fruit Ninja online

Sign up for Beta Here

Amazon no checkouts shopping for Brick n Mortar Grocery Shops

How about visiting a big or a small grocery, choosing and putting all you want in your shopping cart; and instead of standing in a queue to wait for your chance to pay the bills, reloading the contents of your shopping cart in carry bags and simply moving out of the store. No, you're been given an opportunity to take all you ant for free. You're not sneaking out cleverly either. The shopping experience which is being described above is, what amazon calls grocery shop with no checkouts.   Amazon has revealed plans for a grocery shop without a checkout process, where customers will instead pay for the goods they have selected or taking home via an app.

Amazon innovating the use of Apps in no checkouts shopping or using an already existing innovation at a larger Scale

You may say you've witnessed the experience at a smaller scale already or at a different place, both are true. But if Amazon plans it then you can bet the system will be more smooth and at a much bigger scale. It took amazon four years to develop the  no checkouts shopping System.

How Amazon Walk out shopping experience will work

The system makes use of AI along with a mobile app. Customers will swipe into the store using the Go app. The system  will use computer vision, sensors and deep learning algorithms to detect when
items are taken or returned to shelves and tracks them in a virtual shopping trolley. Once the shopper leaves the store, their Amazon account will be charged and receipt sent to them.

The first shop is expected to open to the public in Seattle in the US in early 2017.

If Grocery Sector is crowded due to traditional checkout process 

If the shoppers in grocery stores are unhappy with long queues, then this experiment will work. As You will not have to wait in line with your cart full.

Removing the traditional checkout process, also means that although you will be having a real experience while choosing and filling your shopping cart, you will be venturing online for checkout process. A big incentive for anyone who wants have a real feel of things before he/she buys it.

Netflix Launches Offline Viewing For Its Users

Netflix is launching the ability for users to download videos from its streaming service to smartphones, tablets for offline viewing.

The Offline viewing feature is one of the most requested feature by Netflix Users, and one of the things that differentiated other services including Amazon’s Instant Video streaming video service and pay TV services such as Sky and Virgin.

Netflix Launches Offline Viewing For Its Users

NetFlix Offline video viewing for Android and iOS devices

The feature is available starting today on Android and iOS devices. It includes several TV series and movies, including Netflix’s self-produced original content such as Orange is The New Black, Narcos and the recently released The Crown. The company says that more shows will be made available soon.

Now people can watch their favorite shows on airplanes and other places where internet access is either limited or very expensive. Video download feature will be provided to users at no additional cost. This service will be included with their existing monthly subscription fees. Although additional fee will be charged for the service, but this will be a major help for some of the very awkward places. A party where you feel like someone all alone.

NetFlix has many rivals on Live streaming front!

Netflix is fiercely competing with streaming rival Amazon, as well as traditional broadcasters which are now making in-roads into “over the top” streaming services.

Netflix has hit shows like Stranger Things, Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards and Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, while Amazon has produced shows like Transparent, Alpha House, The Man in the High Castle and the recent release of The Grand Tour -- a Top Gear-like show from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Amazon’s service has been offering offline viewing for a while through its Amazon Instant Video app for iOS and Android.

Daniel Smith Thursday, December 1, 2016
AT&T Launching New DirecTV Now Service on November 30, 2016
AT&T is launching its DirecTV Now satellite service to the web with a new streaming service. The AT&T DirecTV Now satellite service will be launched on November 30, 2016.


Subscribers can now choose to subscribe to various levels of DirecTV Now. The new service launches Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016 and will stream 60 to 120-plus channels. The starting price will be $35 monthly (you can get a free 7-day trial at

How AT&T DirecTV Now works?

The live TV streaming service will be streaming via internet to smartphones and tablets, as well as connected TV devices such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

You can use your home broadband or mobile wireless service to access DirectTV Now.

AT&T Wireless subscribers will not have their video usage count against their data limits.

Rather than having consumers to sign long-term contracts and buy or rent pay-TV boxes, DirecTV Now is like subscribing to an app. For 100-plus channels (adding BBC World News, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NHL and MTV Classic) subscribers pay $60 monthly. For $70 monthly the buyer will get 120-plus channels including eight Starz Encore channels and Univision Deportes.

Subscribers can also add HBO and Cinemax for $5 each monthly. New channels from Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon were also announced.

Daniel Smith Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Stanford Study Shows Young Students Are Unable To Distinguish Between Real and Fake News
A recent Stanford Study conducted on 7,804 students from middle school to college demonstrated that young students were unable to distinguish between real news and sponsored content. This comes when Donald Trump's surprising presidential victory has most people blaming Facebook for not doing enough to stop the fake news problem.

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said over the weekend that the company was looking at different ways to combat the spread of misinformation, such as showing warnings on stories flagged as fake or making it easier for people to report these posts.

Why Young Students Are Unable To Distinguish Between Real and Fake News

The study indicated that most students did not look at the source of the news story. They were more inclined on reading the actual content of the headline link or the associated image.

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission had urged companies to be more open and clear about the language they use to disclose ads -- especially when they are designed to resemble news articles, product reviews and other online content.

"Paid Advertisement" and "Sponsored Advertising Content" are more likely to be understood than "Sponsored by" because consumers might think the content was funded by an advertiser but not created by that firm, the FTC said in a guide to businesses.

Daniel Smith Saturday, November 26, 2016
5 Tips To Avoid Cyber Squatting This Black Friday
5 Tips To Avoid typo squatting, a type of  Cyber Squatting This Black Friday
If you are in a habit of buying online or are planning to buy for the first time on this upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then among other things, you must also watch for Typo Squatters who .

What is Typo Squatting?

Typo squatting, also called URL hijacking, is a form of cyber squatting which relies on mistakes such as typographical errors made by Internet users when inputting a website address into a web browser.

To save you from this form of Cyber Squatting, follow the following Tips online:

Tip 1: You should always take a second to look at the URL you just typed into your browser and make sure you are where you think you are. Cyber criminals know that people make mistakes while typing. To benefit from such innocent or careless typing mistakes, they register lots of typo-ridden addresses that are very similar to the real word. For example, in order to benefit from the typing mistakes people do while typing amazon, they will register every variation possible. Such as, amazzon. com etc.

Hence always take a second look at what you have typed as the url.

Tip 2: Instead of Typing a full URL into your web browser, just type the name. That's instead of typing, just type amazon and press enter. You will find the real thing within the top search results. From there you can visit.

Tip 3: The victims of Typo squatting are NOT the big websites only. ANY WEBSITE which has significant footfalls can be a victim of typo squatting.

Tip 4: Whenever you recieve an email purporting to be from some well known or authentic source, Please make it a habit of checking the sender email and url for Typo Squatting.

Tip 5: Remember that Typo Squatters most often use those spelling variations which at one glance appear to be the normal spelling. For instance, instead of using couponjunction, the typo squatter will use coupunjunction.

Happy buying!

ABisht Thursday, November 24, 2016
Contact Less Cash Withdrawals ... No need to Swipe Your Card in a Reader | Barclays New Service
As if tapping together two Android phones to transfer photos and other shareable data was not enough, the NFC or Near Field Connectivity is seeing a big leap forward. If this experiment proves successful then many of us will be tapping our Android Phones on card readers and Cash Machines (Cash dispensers such as ATMs).
The news is that banking Giant Barclays has launched contact less cash machines.
The Barclays contact less cash machines lets you take money out using just your phone. As said the contactless technology uses NFC and allows the user to complete a transaction without using a Card. Yes, there's no need to put a card in a machine. All you've to do is tap your Android phone on the machine. Thus you can make a transaction without a Card.
How does this Contact less Cash withdrawal work?
The new service is being rolled out in the north of England, but will be available at 600 cash points across the country the next year.

Contact Less Cash Withdrawals Barclays new service

If we want to understand the technology in simple then we can see it like this: In Barclays Contact less Cash withdrawal or contact less banking transactions (if we want to include other banking transactions as well), the user simple has to tap his/her android phone on the machine, instead of swiping or inserting a card in the machine.

If the experiment proves successful then we will be seeing such tapping to pay for transactions at POSs as well.

To summarize, right now you need especially designated vending machines and POSs readers to make use of this new service.

Is This Technology Safer than the existing swipe your card in the machine?

In one way we can say so. As the Bank has put one more authentication wall in the banking transaction process. Now you will need your phone and your Card PIN. If the biggest card hacks in recent times are being done by reading data of your card through skimming devices attached to the machines or readers, then the new service which saves you from physically inserting your card into the machine surely makes more sense. As the fraudsters with the present levels of tech will not be able to read the card data, or physically steal the card.

 But still it's too early to talk about safety because in the new service we are still sharing some data with the reader in such machines.

Will the new tech make the banking transactions faster? ... Cannot say for sure. But with faster connectivity, the new service will be faster than the existing one, as it is brining an already authenticated mobile phone & number into the picture. It also doesn't want you to take extra effort to take out your card from your wallet and swipe it. Means a user doesn't  need to authenticate his mobile device, the associated number, and card every time he makes a transaction.

The service is still in experimental phases, hence the withdrawal facility is functional during Bank working hours only. That too from Barclays ATMs located inside branches.

How People will be using Barclays new service:

  1.  With a contact less card - Tap your card on the machine’s reader; enter card PIN on machine and follow the on-screen instructions to complete cash withdrawal.
  2. With an Android smartphone – Tap your phone on the machine’s reader; and after that follow the instructions on your phone to complete cash withdrawal.
  3. With Barclays Mobile Banking - Open Barclays Mobile Banking and select ‘Contactless Cash’; Select withdrawal amount, follow instructions, enter card PIN; Tap Android phone on machine’s contact less reader within 30 seconds to complete cash withdrawal.
Phone or Mobile Device with SIM Card Compatibility

At present You need an Android smartphone with NFC capabilities. 
In future Barclays plans to bring the new service for iPhone users as well. For that you will have to wait for 2017.

ABisht Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Amazon Prime at Just $79 | Amazon Holiday Discounts 2016
Amazon is going to offer a variety of deals starting Friday exclusive to customers who place an order through the Alexa voice service that powers the Amazon Echo and other Amazon voice-enabled devices.

amazon prime at $79
Amazon first launched voice shopping with a simple use case: Reordering an item you've previously bought. Since then, the company has expanded voice shopping to tens of millions of Prime-eligible items. Amazon sees a future where its customers can easily place orders on the go via voice, even while driving. Such an evolution of e-commerce could grow into yet
another competitive advantage for Amazon.

Customers who want to order an item by voice say,

"Alexa, order a [product name]."

Amazon then selects a "well-priced product" that is eligible for Prime shipping. Amazon is offering Prime membership for $79 only for today. The company doesn't disclose all the factors used to choose the specific item, which is made available through a program called "Amazon's Choice."

The promotion will run through the end of the day Monday, Nov. 21, and feature deals such as a 32-inch Samsung TV for $119 and an Amazon Tap, a sort of portable Echo, for $50 off.

[By Mani Raj]

ABisht Saturday, November 19, 2016
10 Life and Career Lessons You can Learn | Tommy Hilfiger Memoir
Stumbled upon a recent interview of iconic fashion designer and astute business man Tommy Hilfiger. The interview was part of his just released memoir, “American Dreamer: My Life in Fashion & Business”.

Tommy Hilfiger's entire career remains dedicated to learning Fashion and the business part of it. From his interview, the 65-year-old style icon for both men and women, emerges out as a man who has some concrete Life Lessons and Career advice to offer. The major part of his memoir seems to be devoted to these, his style sense, plus some mistakes which contributed to his growth as an individual.

About the Book:

‘American Dreamer’ is a personal memoir and a chronological history of the brand Tommy Hilfiger, the man behind the brand, his life after selling the brand and working there as an employee; and his growth as a Business leader and an individual. It's a chronological history sort of, of a man, who started from New York in 80s and reached Miami, Florida in 2016.

Below are some 10 lessons one can get from Tommy Hilfiger's interview, and hopefully his book:

1. Who moved My Cheese moments happen in Life: In the book, Who moved my Cheese, the author Dr. Spenser Johnson, makes one simple but profound point. Call it destiny or some other force, Change happens in our lives and careers. Many a times we are not ready for this change or the change hits us totally unaware. Late Steve Jobs used to phrase it as 'Many a Times Life hits you with a Brick'. In simple, there are times in our lives and careers where a sudden change makes us clueless. What to do next! ... The best way to go forward, is to keep walking. Who knows in the search of a new cheese, you may better your Life.

Take the example of Tommy Hilfiger. As a young boy he was in upstate New York, Decades later he finds himself in Miami. During these decades he created a global brand, sold it, became a style icon, a reality TV actor and diversified his business interests. He wouldn't be here, if he had not kept walking in search of the new motivation. Does his career sound like that of Steve Jobs.? ... Well ... the life of every successful person who has impacted the life of others in any way... sounds the same.

2. Mistakes Do Happen: Mistakes are a part of life. They are essential as committing a mistake needs taking an action. It's better to commit mistake that stand still.

3. Personal Relationships and Money are one of the biggest teachers: 

In his interview, Hilfiger says that although his life story is full of interesting, and worth sharing memories; there are plenty of painful memories related to relationships and money issues as well.

If that point is discussed in details in the book, then it will make the book even more valuable.

If we look at the life of any person, who's ambitious and wants to achieve something in Life, then the major lessons Life can offer come through relationships and Money. To cut thing short, while soured relationships offer a person biggest emotional lessons; the money issues make the person more wise for the next time. But to benefit from such lessons one must have the resolve to stand up and recollect oneself.

4. You must have a Dream: If a person wants to do something good with her/his life then there must be a dream. You must have a Dream for your Life; and the optimism, right attitude, hard work and never give up spirit to chase it.

The simple question to ask now is: What is my dream in Life?.. OR If you've larger estimation of yourself, then what should I do to achieve that Dream?

For Tommy Hilfiger, the dream was to make a Global Fashion Brand.

5.  Never Shy from taking help or collaborating with the right people: These are the people who will better your life, or help you achieve your dream.

6. Gut feeling works for those who act: For instance, Tommy Hilfiger believes that everything is cyclical. Outfits which were in fashion in the past, arrive again, may be in some other form (Style). In order to keep inventing, and re-inventing, and acting, this is how one benefits from gut feeling.

7. Fit Body means Fit mind, Make exercise a part of your life: Choose any exercise which keeps you at the state of best body fitness. In addition, Waking up early always gives you a head-start for the exigencies of each day. Tommy Hilfiger does running biking and sometimes Yoga.

8. Keep generating ideas, Look for new Ideas as well:  According to a latest study, an average human being's brain generates 50 thousand thoughts every single day. many of these thoughts are ideas. How many new ideas we work on? ... Very little or none. Keep aware about ideas. That way you will be able to sieve up and work on good ones. Be open in new ideas as well.

9. Social Networking and Web can teach you much: According to Hilfiger, who's also hosted a reality TV show, The Cut, says that online Social networks and Web can teach you a lot. In fashion, it helps in keeping a tap on what styles are in and what are out. In fact he says, Fashion these days in driven by Social media. The same applies for every professional. See how you can use the mediums for your career growth.

10. Remain Creative: I think this applies to every person who wants grow in his/her career. The creativity is just not restricted to actors, Fashion designers or artist. The creativity, which primarily means creating something, is open for every professional. See how you can be creative in your field.

Will read and share much more the book has to share.

ABisht Friday, November 18, 2016