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Tell-all Book about Silicon Valley's Secret Sex Parties
To the outside World, Silicon Valley is still a fabled place. These outsiders are not just common Joes. The crucible of tech start-ups with astronomical expectations, valuations and investor money, is much alien to outside businesses as well. Most of the things they seem to know about Silicon Valley are the third person accounts of familiar with the developments. Outsiders are not to blamed entirely. The Valley is said to have a habit of keeping everything under wraps. May be the nature of their efforts (based on some brilliant yet simple easily scalable idea)  makes such an arrangement necessary.

But keeping things very private has its own downsides. Apart from having a lot of third person accounts, too many strongly guarded closed doors, also means everything questionable happening at workplace (and work related after-hours activities) getting snow-balled into big controversies. Work Place related issues involving gender discrimination, unequal wages, sexual harassment, moral misconduct are not restricted to Silicon Valley alone, but those unearthed from the Silicon Valley become the biggest talking point. This explains why the tech startup Uber's sexual misconduct scandal involving 20 employees is still in our minds. But things don't seem to change for the valley anytime soon. More so till the private money rules most of the startups.

That said, an upcoming book by Bloomberg veteran Emily Chang named Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, is going to add into Silicon Valley's much talked about drug fueled (Ecstasy like called "Molly Tablets") after-hours sex parties. The book, which the author claims is based on the accounts of nearly two dozen people familiar with these parties, portrays Silicon Valley as a place where exclusive invitation only sex parties, called "e-parties" decide an attendeee's rise or fall in dynamic power struggle. A power struggle where a female in tech has no escape, claims the author.

The author believes that these after hours sex orgies involving typically first-round investors, prominent entrepreneurs and high-ranking executives(from tech and tech aligned industries) enforce a higher ratio of women to men, with the sexual acts heavily skewing towards Cougar acts, orgies.

Chang’s , tell-all book about Silicon Valley's sex parties is due to be published next month.

A bisht Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Facebook tool tells whether you unknowingly helped the Russian propaganda machine
Many people in US see reasons to believe that the Russian propaganda machine in media (both online and offline) was used massively to skew the skew outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Elections. They also believe that in addition to making a wave in favor of a candidate, the Russian propaganda decreased people's confidence in the democratic process.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter became a handy tool for this propaganda, and many people knowing or unknowingly, became part of the rumors, lies and partial information. With mounting pressure on Facebook and Twitter to regulate the social content on their networks, the Social networks have regulated their TOS, content guidelines.

Now Facebook has launched a new tool which enables you to know whether you had unknowingly created and shared some content on Facebook which helped the Russian propaganda; OR if you have shared or liked the content directly from some known propaganda users, Pages. If you shared the content from a non-propaganda user, Page, then you will NOT know whether you played role in spreading the Russian designs. On this virtue, the new new Facebook propaganda spotting tool is limited.

Ideally, the said Facebook tool must not be tagged as one helping you spot Russian propaganda accounts. Instead, it must be known as a Facebook tool which helps you know whether you unknowingly liked some Fake Russian Account or; liked or shared the propaganda directly from these Fake Russian accounts.

A bisht Saturday, December 23, 2017
Google Chrome Will Start Auto-Blocking Annoying Ads
When was the last time you visited a website, and suddenly a full screen ad covers up the entire screen? OR when was the last time you have multiple browser tabs open, all of a sudden you hear two people speaking or some ad jingle ringing? .... Very recently right!... or it may be happening just a seconds ago.

Do such whole screen occupying , auto-playing, or distractedly illuminated blinking Ads annoy and irritate you? ... If yes, then you're not alone. The whole screen (which cover even the content area), auto-play video and ads with brightly flashing lights are among the type of ads internet users hate out-rightly.

An ad-blocker may appear the best solution to the problem of annoying ads, but these blockers are bad for content consumption. Hence But don't use an ad-blocker. It's quite logical to understand why any content consumer must NOT USE AD-BLOCKERS.  The logic is simple. The ads shown on any website are there to help the website owners earn revenue. The revenue is used to pay for creating the content you're consuming. If you block the ads, you block the revenue for the website owners, which eventually dries up the content.

But still some ad formats are quite annoying for any content consumer or internet user. So what's the way out? Google which runs online advertisements on majority of websites and web properties online, is aware of this annoying ads problem. That's the reason it's on track of reducing the annoyance.

Google goes after the Annoying and time wasting advertisements online

Instead of banning all ad-blockers which could have been the simplest thing for it to do, Google is going to start blocking ad itself — but only the most overt ones.

Starting on February 15, Google Chrome will begin blocking certain ads they’ve deemed as “overwhelmingly frustrating or intrusive,”. The Search and online advertising Giant hopes that it will encourage advertisers will put more time into making ads that are less intrusive.

Google who supports the Coalition for Better Ads, has tasked the Coalition to write out the guidelines of what counts as intrusive advertisements. Under Google’s new policy, ads that take up the whole screen, auto-play sound, or featuring flashing lights are all banned. These ads rank as the most frustrating advertisements in the Coalition for Better Ads’ research.

By teaming up with the Coalition for Better Ads, Google is not only trying to weed out the most obtrusive, annoying ad formats. It's trying to figure out the formats most preferred by the users. It's important here to understand that Google will not reprogram chrome to out-rightly block the annoying ads. Instead its roll-out will be gradual. The Sites found to be violating these set standards will not be able to show annoying ad formats unless, they remove them from the websites. Overall, Google will try to find a ground where the interests of both 'Advertisers, content creators, website owners' and the Content consumer (internet user) are met. Over the months we will see better ad formats online.

Google will not make your Online Content consumption experience "Ad Free"

To conclude, getting rid of online Ads by using an Ad-blocker is not in the interest of the internet user either. For obvious reasons. Seeing it that way, it will be interesting to see how Google makes your online content consumption experience better with better and useful Ads.

A bisht Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Samsung develops World's smallest 10-nm, 8-gigabit DRAM chips
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said in Seoul on Wednesday that it has developed the world’s smallest DRAM chip. The “second-generation” 10-nanometre, 8-gigabit DRAM chips with improved energy efficiency and data processing performance would be targeted at premium data-crunching electronics such as cloud computing centers, mobile devices and high-speed graphic cards.

Samsung plans to move its entire existing DRAM production capacity to 10-nano chips in 2018.

Samsung which is on path of a record operating profit in 2017, is already seeing a strong semiconductor business, and the production expansion move it believes will help it accommodate strong market demand.

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Facebook Snooze makes Temporary 30 Day silencing Possible!
We knew that Facebook has been testing the snooze option for some months now. The snooze option works simply. If you don't like the Facebook shares of a particular person, group or page, all you have to do is select the "Snooze or Unfollow" option from a dropdown menu besides the post. What makes snooze different from Unfollow is that it just mutes the shares from that Facebook user. It doesn't unfollow the Facebook user. It's much like the Twitter Mute feature, which silences an obnoxious tweeter from your timeline. Now Facebook is reported to have refined its "Snooze" option. Instead of permanently snoozing a Facebook user on Facebook , you can silent him/her, get away from him/her for 30 days. Once done, no shares, Likes from that person will feature on your timeline for the next 30 days. You can extend the snooze period from time to time.

Temporarily muting a Facebook user may prove to be a useful feature.

With so much noice on social networks, a snooze or mute feature in any social network seems quite useful. Although it might be designed keeping in Facebook marketers in mind who may need to pay attention to a certain news at any point of time, the option seems to be useful for ordinary Facebook users as well. There are certain times when one needs to snooze (keep silent/ make distance) from an annoying Facebook Friends. Such occasions can be when someone is looking for a new job, is one vacations or is spending quality time with near and dear ones.

The options such Facebook Snooze or Twitter Mute are better features than Unfriending. As Unfriending someone might not go well with the other person. But if you're a political figure or a Leader you must not follow someone whose behavior you don't approve of.

This is how Facebook defines its Facebook Snooze:

“We’ve heard from people that they want more options to determine what they see in News Feed and when they see it,” noted Facebook product manager Shruthi Muraleedharan, in a blog post. “With Snooze, you don’t have to unfollow or unfriend permanently, rather just stop seeing someone’s posts for a short period of time. The people, Pages, and groups you snooze will not be notified. You will be notified before the Snooze period is about to end, and the setting can also be reversed at any time.”

A bisht Saturday, December 16, 2017
USELESS Gifts are the Best Gifts | Study
2017 is coming to an end and the new year is just round the corner. The festive spirits are already there as Christmas is only a week ahead. So just like millions of others you are also making Gift lists and manage your expenditure on gifs. But irrespective of how you see it, you do want to give a memorable gift to your loved ones within the family and friends.

And that is the biggest problem, giving a gift to a professional contact or work colleague (who you may not love) is easy. You know the money their money worth and their lifestyle. Plus this gift niche has  advanced so much that it's not that difficult to decide what to Gift. All sort of help is available to you online and in real world.

The problem arises when you have to give a gift to your loved one. What to Gift? Should the Gift be useful? ... and you suddenly become indecisive. And in most cases, you decide to give either cash or something of utility.

But if you gift cash, gift card or something useful, you will go plain wrong.

According to a new study, the gift are neither useful nor having some pecuniary value which can be spent later on or as per the receiver's discretions. The best gifts are those which are USELESS, but offer some memorable experience. Something which the receiver can link with happy memories. For instance it can be a fun outing with your wife or kids, or your parents.

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Left and Right swiping navigation bar at HTC U11+
The left and right swiping navigation bar at HTC U11+ allows you to do many things such as highlight, copy, paste, click, Save, Share & Access Info All with One Hand. Or just a finger. Now this seems handy!

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3 Rumors about Apple Watch 3 !
Ahead of its Tuesday Special Event, the rumor mills are agog churning out rumors or information , if they prove out to be true.

The latest rumors about the Apple Watch 3 (if it's launched) are the inferences which are skimmed out by reputed online sources after looking at the leaked Golden Master firmware of iOS 11.

The 3 possible speculations being inferred are:

1.  New Watch Colors a Blush Gold (Premium) and Ceramic Grey(Common Folk). The Ceramic Grey may also be the new color for the Apple Watch Edition timepiece, which at present is available in white shade, some sources speculate.

2.  On the software front, there’s also evidence of a new watch or Apple Watch 3.

A new Watch face and a red digital crown is also being speculated.

3.  Apple Watch 3 may have LTE Capabilities with an built-in electronic SIM.

Only event will cease the speculations.

A bisht Monday, September 11, 2017
Red iPhone 7 and Thinking about Quality
See it as some desultory thought. A thought which might be of some relevance today.

Not very long in the past (I think in April 2017), Apple launched a red iPhone 7 with a lower price tag. By quality standards, a red iPhone does not conform to Quality standard set by Apple for itself over the years. Notably, in addition to performance, pricing; Apple is known for products with premium looks.

That's why a red iPhone 7 from Apple was a dampener. May be this way the Company made itself more familiar with the masses in countries away from US.

While writing this piece, I don't know the market's response to the red iPhone 7; but I have a remote thought that over the years this looks and pricing strategy may hurt Apple.

A bisht Sunday, June 18, 2017
Wireless Keyboard with Fingerprint ID | Microsoft Modern Keyboard
Microsoft will soon be launching a Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID. The keyboard with fingerprint sensor is designed for Windows Hello -- the bio-metric login feature found in Windows 10. It features Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 and a wireless range of up to 50 feet.

The keyboard has both wireless and wired options. Having it work both wired and wireless surely extends the comfort and the battery life of the Keyboard.

According to Microsoft,

"The option of using Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID as either a wireless/wired interface gives connection options, making it more appealing to commercial audiences. We optimized the Bluetooth paring experience, enabling automatic pairing when you connect the cable at first time and the Keyboard requires some initial configuration."

As far as the Fingerprint sensor is concerned, then there's one key on the keyboard  dedicated as Fingerprint ID with a fingerprint label on it. Because Microsoft calls the Keyboard as one having a "hidden" fingerprint scanner, then instead of having a visibly dedicated key for it, the Keyboard should have provided the user with the option of dedicating any key on the Keyboard for this purpose.

Compatibility: Apart from the newest version of Windows, Microsoft Modern Keyboard will be compatible with 8.X and RT. In addition, it will be compatible with iOS, Android and macOS.

The bio-metric functionality is likely to be Windows 10 only.

Price of Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID: $130.

Availability: No word is out yet

A bisht Friday, June 16, 2017