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N95 and FFP2 Masks to prevent Spread of Covid-19 OmicronVariant
COVID-19 Omicron variant· Experts recommend the use of surgical masks, N95 and FFP2 to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant.

It seems that two years of living with Covid-19 scare has made people complacent about Covid-19's latest variant, the Omicron. The complacency among people can be understood. People have to move out of their houses to earn their livelihoods, children have to go to schools etc. But there are some Dos and Donts which people must exercise at all costs. Some basic precautions are: 

N95 and FFP2 to prevent omicron spread

1) Hashing hands with soap or using sensitizer whenever the need be; 

2) Maintaining Social distancing and; 

3) Wearing a mask properly.  

Because of the spread of the Omicron variant across the world, medical experts are recommending the use of N95 and FFP2 masks due to the effectiveness of their filtration systems. 

Does that mean Cloth masks are ineffective against Omicron?

If one goes by the Virus size and the ability of the barrier to block it, then cloths masks will have be ineffective in blocking the virus. So it is advised to wear N95 and FFP2 masks due to the effectiveness of their filtration systems. But in the absence of such masks one must not avoid even a cloth mask or a simple piece of cloth. Something is better than nothing, and a piece of cloth properly wrapped around nose and mouth may also provide significant protection.


Anil Singh Thursday, December 23, 2021
Has Apple launched physical keypad phone?
Is Apple's Physical keypad phone known as iDot?

The answer is NO.

No Apple smartphone or basic phone has a physical keypad.

So what is iDot?

iDot is a concept phone (Not manufactured till now) imagined by people at CURVED/labs. It's like: What will Apple make if it decides to launch a basic phone?

Inspired from the Punkt MP-01, a Swiss basic phone which which has only calling and texting capabilities, yet having a price tag of around $350, the CURVED/labs guys imagined a dumbphone designed by Apple in their new concept ‘iDot’.

Had iDot been launched it would be as steeply priced as Punkt MP-01 (or much more). In addition, as it happens with all Apple devices, the Apple iDot phone would have very limited capabilities (Apple products are not feature rich, they do tasks which they are marketed for, with expertise).

So the CURVED/labs people imagined iDot mimicking Apple remote wrt form factor. That apart, they imagined it having just a big Siri Button, so that there's no need for a physical keyboard.

So, Apple iDot is just a concept, that too imagined by non-Apple guys. At present, no Apple smartphone has a physical keypad

Anil Singh
Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 Dual Fan USB powered cooling pad for laptops | Product Review
Product Review | Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 Dual Fan USB powered cooling pad for laptops | Product Review

Laptops do get heated up. The product we reviewed this week is the Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 USB powered cooling pad for laptops. Below is the product unboxing video:

The Zebronics Dual Fan USB powered cooling pad for laptops box contains the laptop cooling pad and a dual USB cable. The cooling pad is for 13 to 15 inches laptops. 

As claimed by the company the fans are noiseless and smooth. In addition, the dual fans do not drain the laptop battery as well. If you're thinking about buying a fan cooled dual USB cooling pad, then you can buy it without any hesitation. If the place of your work is indoors then it is a good product for you.

The cooling pad built quality is sturdy.

Verdict: At Rs. 500, Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 Dual Fan USB powered cooling pad for laptops is a value for money deal.

Anil Singh Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper | 6 Blade String Vegetable Chopper
Kitchen Product Review | Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper with 6 Sharp Stainless Steel Blades. Silicon Base Ring prevents the chopper from slipping while chopping. The 900 ml Wonderchef String vegetable chopper comes with an air tight Lid and a 1 Year Warranty.

The product which we used this week is the Wonderchef string vegetable chopper. Coming from the Sanjeev Kapoor (renowned chef) company, Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper is built using good quality unbreakable plastic. That's there's no plastic smell. The string chopper has good quality stainless steel blades which are sharp enough to finely chop onions, tomatoes, ginger etc. 

The 6 blade vegetable chopper is easy to assemble, use and clean (a mere rinse with with water cleans it). The Wonderchef chopper is comfortable to use and the properly designed silicon base ring gives it enough grip on the work surface. 

One question which is often asked with respect to string vegetable choppers is: Is it possible to change the elastic string if the original string breaks after repeated use?

The answer to this question is YES. The String is attached to the rotor assembly which is housed inside the Wongerchef String vegetable chopper lid which has 4 screws. These screws can be unscrewed to change the string whenever the need be.

The Wonderchef string vegetable chopper has 900 ml capacity which is sufficient for a 10-12 people family. For small families the 600ml Wonderchef String vegetable chopper is sufficient. 

The string vegetable chopper comes with a 1 year warranty. We feel that the product will long outlive the Warranty.  

Verdict: The Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper with 6 SS blades is a value for money product. We Highly recommend Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper to you.

Anil Singh Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Is it possible that someone is trying to hack into your online account?
People are often seen asking, It seems someone is trying to hack into my account what should I do. 

Is it easy for someone to hack your Facebook account? 

Those who think that hacking Facebook account or any other online account is easy, must remember that online accounts are safe (security cannot be breached) because of two reasons: 

1) Online giants such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are capable enough to make their platforms secure, and;

2) Hackers usually don't target ordinary Online users or Social network users.

So reputed online platforms are secure or very difficult to hack. So hackers will not put themselves in danger hacking into any ordinary individual's account. Since significant resources in terms of time, energy and money are involved in any hacking effort; hence hackers will not waste their valuable skills and other resources on penny pursuits. Hackers are intelligent individuals (entities).

So why do people sometime get an impression that their Facebook account is being hacked or some suspicious activity is going on there?

It can be because of multiple reasons. But the most likely reason is the automated or server generated messages sent by Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. send to the person whenever he/she mistypes his/her password or; whenever he/she uses another device to sign in. These are just routine alerts just to alert the user to change the password if the person thinks someone else has logged in to their account from some other device. 

Hence, don't unnecessarily get worried of the fear of some online breach. Unless you're a public figure with influential clout or are quite rich, hackers will not bother to hack into your account. You may be just getting routine safety alerts from your Social network.  


Anil Singh Thursday, December 16, 2021
Stop App info pop up inSamsung Galaxy a50, etc.
If the App information keeps popping up on you Samsung Galaxy A50 or any other Android phone the below are the steps to stop App info pop up in Samsung Galaxy a50, etc:

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Go to "Account and Backup" 

Step 3: Tap on Accounts

Step 4: Tap on to the email which has 'Google' written under it

Step 5: Tap on Google Account

Step 6: Tap on the "Date & Personalization" Tab

Step 7: Scroll down to 'Ad personalization' section and Tap on 'Ad Settings'

Step 8: The switch next to Ad personalization is ON. Switch it OFF.

Step 9: If the problem still persists, Then uninstall the apps which are not from reputed publishers.


Anil Singh Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Viagra lowers risk of Alzheimer's | NOT conclusive YET!

Sildenafil or Viagra lowers Alzheimers risk, study results still inconclusive

Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki says --- It is seen that users use product in ways different than what the Companies want to see their product to be used as and for. Keeping a close eye on how people are using a product makes for a successful product.

The above comes to my mind whenever I hear the word repurposing

Repurposing or adapting a product to new purpose is both a cheaper and overall more efficient path than developing an entirely new product. To repurpose an already existing drug would be both a cheaper and overall more efficient path than developing an entirely new treatment for the disease.

One drug which has seen multiple repurposing successes is Moderna's Viagra.

The drug originally meant to treat the heart, for its ability to relax blood vessels and subsequently improve blood flow in other parts of the body led to Viagra's use for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) as well as pulmonary hypertension—for men and women alike—which affects the lungs. This is the reason why Viagra is called the importance drug.

Know everything about Viagra 👉👉👉 Know everything about Viagra

According to a new study by researchers in Cleveland -- Viagra also known as also known as sildenafil or blue pill, is now found to lower risk of Alzheimer's as well.

The multi-year study found that men who were taking Sildenafil had a lower risk of Alzheimer's. The study conclusions is derived after analyzing a database of over 7.2 million patients spanning six years, reports BBC. The researchers had been studying the effect of Viagra on the brain. The scientists found that that those who took higher than usual doses of the erectile dysfunction pill—displayed an increase in brain cell growth and reduced protein accumulation. The researchers say more studies are needed to make the results conclusive. 

As far as the exact reason for the cause of Alzheimer's, a type of dementia, is concerned previous studies think that abnormal protein deposits in their brains may be one reason.


Anil Singh Monday, December 13, 2021
Apple iPad gets more heated than Samsung tablets

Does Apple iPad gets more heated than Samsung tablets?

May be the Answer is a Yes.

But is Apple iPad's getting more heated good or bad is a point which needs to be answered carefully.

First of all, Apple iPad is NOT meant for multi-tasking. Apple iPad's hardware is still less powerful compared to the hardware in other tablets. But Apple iPad's hardware and software integration is such that whatever tasks the company claims it to perform seamlessly (without any lag or screen freeze) are performed by it flawlessly. As said Apple iPad is not meant for muti-tasking so It means that opening too many web pages open may result in the device getting heated up.

Secondly, feeling temperature rise on Apple iPad's surface may not be bad. It is also possible that the metallic surface on Apple iPad is intentionally chosen to act as a heat sink (lose excess heat to the surrounding) preventing the tablet getting too much heated.

Tips to prevent Apple iPad from getting too hot:

1. Adjust Brightness to Lower levels.

2. Use Dark theme.

3. Do not open too many web pages.

4. Close Those Apps which are not being used.

5. Keeping the Apple battery between 40-80 Percent.


Anil Singh Thursday, December 9, 2021
Spy on non-smartphones in India

People usually ask,

"Can i spy on non smart phones in India?"


"Can i spy on smartphones in India?"

Spying as an activity is NOT good. Especially when a person wants to spy on his or her spouse, teenager or someone close. The reason is simple: The desire to spy on someone arises from one's own jealousy, anger, over-dominating or over-protective behavior. At times, the act of spying may look innocent and good intentioned, still spying on someone is NOT a good act. Spying on someone has no ends and does more mental & emotional harm to the spy than the one who's being spied on. For this reason, Confident and Sensible people never think about spying on others.

That said, Can someone spy on a non-smartphone in India?

The answer is Yes and No.

If a Government wants to spy on any person then it can do so. Same applies to resource rich entities such as companies, etc. So here the answer is Yes. 

But if an ordinary person wants to spy on someone then there is a limit to the kind of data he/she can fetch legally. For example, he/she can contact the service provider (provided he owns the mobile number)  and get the call details such as numbers called and duration of call etc. Beyond that he/she will need to include police to spy one someone else. So the options are limited here.

But this doesn't mean spying on someone's smartphone is possible. Legally it cannot be done. Ethically, it must not be done. If one still feels a necessity to spy on someone else's smartphone (as he thinks some illegal activity going on) then he/she must ask the police to do so.

To conclude, the question is NOT whether one can spy on someone else's smartphone or ordinary phone, the question is: Is it advisable to spy on someone else's smartphone or ordinary phone?

The answer to the latter question is simple. In ordinary circumstances, it is better to directly communicate with the person, than to spy on him/her. In exceptional circumstances, one must take the matter to the police.



Anil Singh Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Which tablet or Smartphone is best for a 14 Year Old's Eyes?
For 14 years child....which is the best to protect their eyes...Tab or smartphone

How to Protect your Child's Eyes from Mobile and Computer Screens

In the post Covid-19 world, increasing number of children have to move from conventional paper textbooks & classrooms to eBooks & online classes. This has resulted in a many-fold increase in the time they spend staring a smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC screen. Since children are said to be using the devices for their studies, parents are finding it difficult to limit or regulate children's screen time. Under these circumstances, parents are asking a very reasonable question,

Which tablet or Smartphone is best for my child's Eyes?

Which tablet or Smartphone is best for a 14 Year Old's Eyes?

The older the child, the tougher the parent's role in regulating child's smartphone, tablet usage time.

Honestly speaking, there's no smartphone or tablet which is completely safe for human eyes. The longer a child spends time staring a smartphone/tablet display, the more harm it will have on eyes. So idea here is to follow some dos and donts to lessen the harm or to protect the eyes. In addition, parents must also try to decease their child's smartphone usage as much as possible.

As far as, choice of smartphone or tablet is concerned, the But general rule of thumb is: The pricier the smartphone or tablet, the better will be its display to human eyes. So while buying a smartphone or a tablet for your 14 year old, DO NOT go for cheap ones.

In addition, get an Anti-Glare Screen Protector. Use Blue Light Filters or Night Mode to reduce Digital Eye Strain (DES) induced by smartphone displays. According to studies, DES occurs in around 50% of computer users. But the good thing is that eye strain is not a long-term problem. But DES does cause extreme discomfort and makes getting through a work day difficult. The most common symptoms of eye strain are headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and in extreme cases, neck and shoulder pain.

Another good thing about DES is that when your eyes strain, they tell the rest of your body to move away from the device and take a rest to refreshen up. The much needed rest can rejuvenate the eyes.

Below are some Dos and Donts you must teach your 14 year old to protect eyes from screen induced strain. Parents can teach the following to younger children as well. The younger the child the easier it is to regulate his/her smartphone usage duration:

1. Tell your child to blink frequently (in normal intervals) while using a smartphone

Looking a smartphone screen continuously causes dry eyes. Children get so immersed in the screen that they simply forget to blink. Tell your child to blink frequently (in normal intervals) while using a smartphone. 

If for some reason, your 14 year old gets so focused on the screen that he/she forgets to blink , then Artificial Tears or eye lubricating drops can also be used. But it must be done ONLY ON THE  ADVICE OF A DOCTOR.

2. Use The 10/10/10 Rule

Human eyes are not designed to continuously stare all day at something directly in front of them. They are designed to see near and far objects. So help the child develop a habit of taking a break. If he/she looks at screen continuously for 10 minutes, he must look at something at least 10 feet away from you for 10 seconds. The objective here is to break the screen time and distance monotony. 

3. Ensure that the 14 year old's Room Is Well Lit

The room must not be too bright. Instead of blue/fluorescent light LED/LCD bulbs use yellow light bulbs. The room must not be too bright. so when possible, close your curtains and reduce your use of fluorescent lighting.

Use lower voltage bulbs and make sure your ambient lighting is about half as bright as the average office.

Contrary to normal belief, less light in the room is actually better for eyes while someone is working on a computer. So make sure the room is not too bright.

4. Reduce Glare

Glare (or too much contrast) on your child's device screen causes eye strain as it stops your eyes from focusing easily on the content he/she is trying to focus on.

Use an anti-glare matte screen where possible (rather than glass-covered LCDs). 

5. If Child wears glasses then make sure to have spectacles/ glasses with anti-reflective coating.

5. Use High-Resolution Screens

Flicker was a common problem with CRT screens (older Computers). Low refresh rate causes flicker on screen. Flicker on screens makes eyes feel uncomfortable.Nowadays, screens typically offer refresh rates of 75Hz or more. The higher the refresh rate the better

The higher resolution of screen matters as much as its higher refresh rate. High resolution screens offer more lifelike images. Since human eyes are designed to see real imagery hence higher resolution screens are less straining to the eyes. Always choose highest resolution for your child's smartphone or tablet screen.

6. Reduce Blue Light

Blue light is known for causing damage to the eye. Hence it is always advisable to reduce blue light in the room. That's why instead of LEDs & LCDs, it's advisable to use ordinary ordinary incandescent lights or light bulbs in study rooms.

One can reduce blue light by using specialist glasses or reduce the color temperature of your screen. It’s ideal for long-term use.

7. Adjust Screen Settings

You can easily customize your 14 year old's screen settings. Choose contrast, brightness, and text settings levels which are least straining to your child's eyes. For example, use automatic brightness settings so that the phone can adjust brightness levels based on the ambient lighting.  

DO NOT use too small text size it strains the eyes. You can tweak with other settings as well.

8. Keep A Sensible Distance

Ideally one should be able to see everything on your phone screen from between 16 and 18 inches away (a foot and a half distance). 

Don’t hold your phone too close. Instead of bringing the phone closer tell your child to zoom in (enlarge) the screen.

9. Turn on Night mode 

Modern day smartphones offer night mode -- A feature that is less straining to eyes at night.Turn the feature on, and your phone will automatically adjust screen settings depending on the time of day.

10. Use Anti-Reflective Screen Protectors

Smartphone screens are shiny. Matte screen protectors hide that shine by giving the smartphone screen  that old-screen LCD finish. The anti-reflective screen protectors reduce glare from ambient lights or sunshine. 

11.  Keep the phone away when not required

Although difficult, one must try to limit one's smartphone use to only necessary tasks. Keep the smartphone away when not require. Parents must develop this habit first. It is always better to practice what you preach to children.

12. Separate tasks into Smartphone and Non-smartphone ones

Having a smartphone access doesn't mean you need a smartphone for every task. Segregate tasks in two groups: Those which require smartphone and those which don't. Follow this rule strictly. Again it is always better to practice what you preach to children.


Anil Singh Tuesday, December 7, 2021