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Which tablet or Smartphone is best for a 14 Year Old's Eyes?
For 14 years child....which is the best to protect their eyes...Tab or smartphone

How to Protect your Child's Eyes from Mobile and Computer Screens

In the post Covid-19 world, increasing number of children have to move from conventional paper textbooks & classrooms to eBooks & online classes. This has resulted in a many-fold increase in the time they spend staring a smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC screen. Since children are said to be using the devices for their studies, parents are finding it difficult to limit or regulate children's screen time. Under these circumstances, parents are asking a very reasonable question,

Which tablet or Smartphone is best for my child's Eyes?

Which tablet or Smartphone is best for a 14 Year Old's Eyes?

The older the child, the tougher the parent's role in regulating child's smartphone, tablet usage time.

Honestly speaking, there's no smartphone or tablet which is completely safe for human eyes. The longer a child spends time staring a smartphone/tablet display, the more harm it will have on eyes. So idea here is to follow some dos and donts to lessen the harm or to protect the eyes. In addition, parents must also try to decease their child's smartphone usage as much as possible.

As far as, choice of smartphone or tablet is concerned, the But general rule of thumb is: The pricier the smartphone or tablet, the better will be its display to human eyes. So while buying a smartphone or a tablet for your 14 year old, DO NOT go for cheap ones.

In addition, get an Anti-Glare Screen Protector. Use Blue Light Filters or Night Mode to reduce Digital Eye Strain (DES) induced by smartphone displays. According to studies, DES occurs in around 50% of computer users. But the good thing is that eye strain is not a long-term problem. But DES does cause extreme discomfort and makes getting through a work day difficult. The most common symptoms of eye strain are headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and in extreme cases, neck and shoulder pain.

Another good thing about DES is that when your eyes strain, they tell the rest of your body to move away from the device and take a rest to refreshen up. The much needed rest can rejuvenate the eyes.

Below are some Dos and Donts you must teach your 14 year old to protect eyes from screen induced strain. Parents can teach the following to younger children as well. The younger the child the easier it is to regulate his/her smartphone usage duration:

1. Tell your child to blink frequently (in normal intervals) while using a smartphone

Looking a smartphone screen continuously causes dry eyes. Children get so immersed in the screen that they simply forget to blink. Tell your child to blink frequently (in normal intervals) while using a smartphone. 

If for some reason, your 14 year old gets so focused on the screen that he/she forgets to blink , then Artificial Tears or eye lubricating drops can also be used. But it must be done ONLY ON THE  ADVICE OF A DOCTOR.

2. Use The 10/10/10 Rule

Human eyes are not designed to continuously stare all day at something directly in front of them. They are designed to see near and far objects. So help the child develop a habit of taking a break. If he/she looks at screen continuously for 10 minutes, he must look at something at least 10 feet away from you for 10 seconds. The objective here is to break the screen time and distance monotony. 

3. Ensure that the 14 year old's Room Is Well Lit

The room must not be too bright. Instead of blue/fluorescent light LED/LCD bulbs use yellow light bulbs. The room must not be too bright. so when possible, close your curtains and reduce your use of fluorescent lighting.

Use lower voltage bulbs and make sure your ambient lighting is about half as bright as the average office.

Contrary to normal belief, less light in the room is actually better for eyes while someone is working on a computer. So make sure the room is not too bright.

4. Reduce Glare

Glare (or too much contrast) on your child's device screen causes eye strain as it stops your eyes from focusing easily on the content he/she is trying to focus on.

Use an anti-glare matte screen where possible (rather than glass-covered LCDs). 

5. If Child wears glasses then make sure to have spectacles/ glasses with anti-reflective coating.

5. Use High-Resolution Screens

Flicker was a common problem with CRT screens (older Computers). Low refresh rate causes flicker on screen. Flicker on screens makes eyes feel uncomfortable.Nowadays, screens typically offer refresh rates of 75Hz or more. The higher the refresh rate the better

The higher resolution of screen matters as much as its higher refresh rate. High resolution screens offer more lifelike images. Since human eyes are designed to see real imagery hence higher resolution screens are less straining to the eyes. Always choose highest resolution for your child's smartphone or tablet screen.

6. Reduce Blue Light

Blue light is known for causing damage to the eye. Hence it is always advisable to reduce blue light in the room. That's why instead of LEDs & LCDs, it's advisable to use ordinary ordinary incandescent lights or light bulbs in study rooms.

One can reduce blue light by using specialist glasses or reduce the color temperature of your screen. It’s ideal for long-term use.

7. Adjust Screen Settings

You can easily customize your 14 year old's screen settings. Choose contrast, brightness, and text settings levels which are least straining to your child's eyes. For example, use automatic brightness settings so that the phone can adjust brightness levels based on the ambient lighting.  

DO NOT use too small text size it strains the eyes. You can tweak with other settings as well.

8. Keep A Sensible Distance

Ideally one should be able to see everything on your phone screen from between 16 and 18 inches away (a foot and a half distance). 

Don’t hold your phone too close. Instead of bringing the phone closer tell your child to zoom in (enlarge) the screen.

9. Turn on Night mode 

Modern day smartphones offer night mode -- A feature that is less straining to eyes at night.Turn the feature on, and your phone will automatically adjust screen settings depending on the time of day.

10. Use Anti-Reflective Screen Protectors

Smartphone screens are shiny. Matte screen protectors hide that shine by giving the smartphone screen  that old-screen LCD finish. The anti-reflective screen protectors reduce glare from ambient lights or sunshine. 

11.  Keep the phone away when not required

Although difficult, one must try to limit one's smartphone use to only necessary tasks. Keep the smartphone away when not require. Parents must develop this habit first. It is always better to practice what you preach to children.

12. Separate tasks into Smartphone and Non-smartphone ones

Having a smartphone access doesn't mean you need a smartphone for every task. Segregate tasks in two groups: Those which require smartphone and those which don't. Follow this rule strictly. Again it is always better to practice what you preach to children.


Anil Singh Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Apple iPd Pro 2021 | Productivity Device or Consumption device?

When Apple iPad was first launched on April 03 2010, it was instantly embraced as a content consumption device. Ever since, the most preferred tablet in the World, has primarily remained a consumption device. But with the launch of the latest iPad -- Apple iPd Pro 2021 -- people have started seeing Apple iPad as a productivity device. With a hefty price tag of more than a Lakh Rupees, some additional motivations wrt to productivity, is not misplaced.


The merits in the extended usability claims can be best answered by an average iPad user. If one makes a purchase decision by listening to a Pro Youtuber or any successful marketer, then he/she may regret the decision later. Because I think an average iPad Pro 2021 buyer will be using the tablet as a consumption device. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still using iPad 3, with iOS 9.3.5 installed. The tablet still works like new and I consume 99 percent of the content on it. Although, I'm not able to install many new Apps  (including the productivity ones), I still find iPad pretty useful. To the extent that I will have to go for a replacement iPad (a new iPad) the moment the current one stops working.

Does that mean I will be banking on the productivity prowess of the new iPad Pro 2021?

The answer is NO. 

For now, my purchase decision will be based on the seamless functioning of the iPad and; it being the best consumption device. As far as iPad Pro 2021 's productivity device claims are concerned, then the presence of a limited touch keyboard means a big input option limitation. That apart purchasing an extra physical keyboard will not work most people due to the mental fatigue induced by constant switch between touch screen and physical keyboard. Still, that doesn't mean Apple iPad Pro 2021 cannot be a productivity device for an average person. He/she may not use it as productively as a pro Youtuber or ace marketer, still there will be a significant jump in productivity. As consumption when don the right way itself boosts productivity. 


Anil Singh Monday, December 6, 2021
Can Spotify predict economic trends?

Can Spotify predict economic trends?... The answer seems to be a yes. Based on the the kind of song choices people make, Spotify's algorithm can make a correlation between songs people listen to and the economic climate. Watch this video:


Anil Singh Saturday, December 4, 2021
Should you install Aarogya Setu mobile app?
Ever since the beginning of Covid19 pandemic lockdown in India, Aarogya Setu mobile App is widely being shared on WhatsApp. In recent days, Aarogya Setu mobile app TV Commercial is also being aired across TV channels in India.

The mobile app is developed by Indian Government and is visibly being backed by it.

Although, Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India; the app is also being used for contact tracing app. The Government claims that the contact tracing will help it control the spread of Corona virus (Covid19 pandemic). 

What is Contact tracing ?

If a person with the app installed in his/her mobile goes to place where a Corona Virus positive person is also present, then the mobile app will give an alert to the person about the presence of a Covid19 positive person there.    

The app uses location data via GPS trails (in addition to Bluetooth) to get to the exact location of the user. 

Should you Install Aarogya Setu mobile app? 

You decide yourself.

Do you want to give a mobile app your exact location any time?

The Aarogya Setu mobile app is designed is to get your exact location anywhere any hour. In addition, the kind of data being collected by the app is somewhat unclear. That apart, serious data safety and privacy concerns are being raised about the app because it uses GPS trails along with Bluetooth to find a person's location. 


Anil Singh Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Lenovo and Motorola | 75 Day Warranty extension during COVID-19

For months before the present pan India lock-down, people in India were buying mobile devices such as  laptops or mobile phones or other mobile devices.  They may not be doing that in large numbers but at least those who wanted them for their work were buying with some regularity. People across world were doing the same, although alike their Indian counterparts they acted more discerning in recent yearsNow that most people across world are working from their homes, courtesy the challenging time of COVID-19 pandemic; the same work devices have become more prone to wear and tear and other issues. 

Keeping this in mind, Lenovo and Motorola are trying to provide a better support for their customers by offering a free global warranty extension for up to 75 days through May 31, 2020 for all Lenovo/Motorola smartphones and accessories with warranties that are coming to an end between March 15 2020 through April 30, 2020.

Anil Singh Saturday, April 4, 2020
Remove, Disable Ad Blocker on your Browser | Protect your Personal Information Online
Are you using an advertisement blocker in your web browser?

Are you using an advertisement blocker enabled browser on your mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC?

Are you using an add on or an extension with the web browser of your choice such as Google Chrome, Firefox Safari or any other mobile/tablet/PC?

If YES, then without any delay disable ad blocker on your web browser OR remove any browser add-ons or extension you may have installed on your web browser , be it on mobile/tablet/laptop/PC.

Ad blockers on web-browsers or ad blocker extensions or add-ons installed on browsers found to indulge in Personal Data Theft (or Personal Data harvesting)

You may have heard a saying : There is No Free lunch.

It means that any service which is being offered for free, might not be free of cost. There are some costs involved.

According to some studies, the ad blocker or advertisement blocker extensions for browsers or browsers enabled ad blockers have been found harvesting or storing or stealing the personal data of millions of unsuspecting consumers. This personal data harvesting is taking place across ad blockers and; includes the most popular names.

The data so harvested (collected) is then sold to those businesses for whom such personal data is valuable. For example, not only your sensitive data such as credit card information, tax returns, medical records, your connected surveillance videocam footage links, travel history and other sensitive data is valuable for any such buyer but also some very simple looking data such as your browsing history, the products you window shop online, terms you search etc. is a valuable information for the business buyers. All such data helps them understand your search habits, buying habits and the frequency of your spends online.

According to some research conducted by reputed research firms online, the global business for such harvested data is continuously growing and; because of the habit of mobile users using utilities such as ad blockers etc. to save time or to have a distraction free web browsing, the data harvesting business is likely to grow at a high rate in near future. 

According to an independent cyber security research mid 2019, the unlimited access of such harvested data was found to be given to a Company buyer for as low as $10-$50.

How to Protect Yourself From online Personal Information Theft or Data Theft or Harvesting

You may be thinking why, I'm not using the word Theft directly. The reason is simple: Most users who use ad-blocker enabled browsers or ad blocker extensions do not read the TOS (Terms of Service) document while installing the browser or an extension. They simply agree to the long TOS document. So in real, neither the browsers nor the browser add-ons/extensions are harvesting data without your permission. It is only that you gave them the access to the data without reading the TOS.

So what you must do to protect yourself from such personal Data Harvesting or Data Theft:

  1. Disable any additional functionalities in your Tablet/Laptop/Desktop/ Mobile web browser :  Keep your browser to as simply as you can. Note that nobody is immune to some data harvesting but the smaller the number of functions you enable on your browser, the lesser data you will give to the browser. Some amount of data harvesting is necessary for your browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. to offer you good services and keep the browser happy. But the moment you start adding additional utilities such as advertisement blockers etc. the more personal information you will have to offer in return.  
  2. Remove web or mobile browser extensions / Add-ons: The reason is the same as above. The more extensions you install the more personal information you give. Installing extensions from Play Store or any other such App market place becomes additionally risky because mobile usage data reveals that people use the same mobile device for both surfing and banking, purchasing purposes. 
  3. Keep your web/mobile browser to as simple as possible.

The increased use of mobile devices and economical mobile internet charges have increased internet usage on mobile phones and devices. In addition, the availability of thousands of mobile apps, browser utilities, apps and browser extensions on Play Store etc. have increased the habit of using such free utilities. But in a World of where the risks of data theft or personal information theft are real, it is good to keep one's web/mobile browser to as simple as possible and simply disable/remove utilities/addons such as ad blockers, social media sharing extensions etc. 

Anil Singh Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Only Paid version works | Link Checker WordPress Plugin

If you want to check your WordPress website posts for previously linked non-existing URLs, denial of service URLs etc. then free Link Checker WordPress plugin may not solve your problem.

The free version simply checks yours website and just gives you just the summary of such URLs. That is just numbers. No other details such as URL description etc. In addition it only checks for 500 URLs. But again, you cannot download the data so gathered. You cannot fix them unless you opt for the paid Link Checker professional version.

In simple words, you simply send data to the plugin and get nothing in return.


Anil Singh Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Best website price checking tool online -- Site Price
If you are a new blogger or website owner, you may want to know the price of your blog or website. There are multiple website valuation tools online. But the west price check tool which I think does the best work is quite accurate is the Site Price online tool.

To check your website price or website worth at any moment visit THIS PAGE; and enter your website/blog url in the blank field (copy paste your website url) and click on Calculate. Within minutes you will find your website price.

Anil Singh Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Facebook Messenger Kids for children under-13

According to reports online, Facebook's ‘youth team’ is developing the Facebook ‘Messenger Kids’ App.

Facebook has started developing a messenger app specifically targeted at children aged 13 or under.

At present, the minimum age for a person to open his/her Facebook account is 13 years.

facebook messenger kids, facebook messenger children, fb messenger below 13
So the new Facebook Messenger for kids  can be seen as a way to bring children aged 13 years and below to the Facebook in a safe and informed manner; So that they get to know the online social media platforms' environment and social media communication landscape, before they are allowed to create the usual Facebook account, defends Facebook.

To make the Kids' Facebook Messenger app safe for children, the child-specific messaging app will be controlled by a parental Facebook account. Other safety features include: all contacts must be approved by the parental account, and the parental account has the power to delete messages and contacts deemed inappropriate.

By the look of it, the Facebook messenger apps for kids is trying to do two things at the same time:

1) Increase Facebook adoption rate among young people, by bringing them to the platform at an even younger age.


2) Bring an App bundled up with parental control and monitoring features to get away with any parental concerns.

But, the Facebook App for children does not address some obvious questions:

Why will any parent want to introduce online social media to his/her child before 13 years of age?


How does the new app address the concerns of parents who already see the usual Facebook platform somewhat 'unsafe'?


What measures Facebook or any other social media network has taken to discourage children below the minimum age open the usual Facebook account?

Anil Singh Saturday, February 16, 2019
Facebook makes Facebook Page Location, Name change history etc. PUBLIC
Facebook is showing more information about Pages and; the country form where they're managed in the Info and Ads section on Pages.

This is to increase the accountability and transparency of the pages.

The information below will be compulsorily shared by Facebook on Info and Ads section on the bottom left of the page:
  • Place of origin of the page will be the country name (if the page admin chooses to share more details then they will also be shared)
  • Date the Page was created. 
  • Primary country locations where the Page is managed. This applies to all Page roles -- Admin, Editor Moderator, Advisor, Analyst. 
  • Number of people who manage the Page in each country. 
  • Page's previous name changes. 
  • Any Page merges that happen on or after September 6, 2018.
  • For the Users who manage the page but are not the owners of it or are not admins; their country will be shown. 
See the Screen-capture below:

What if someone puts a wrong country in his Facebook profile? 

Primary country locations where Pages are managed are determined by a person’s information and activity on Facebook Products, including the stated location on their Facebook profile, and device and connection information. Facebook will use Location Services to help trace the country location.

It is still uncertain whether Facebook will show the names of the Page admin and other roles. From the information it is clear that it will NOT.

What if someone doesn't want to disclose the name of the country?

Then the request for the same can be submitted to Facebook.

If approved, in the information will be shown "Information Hidden by Page manager"

Effect of sharing Facebook page's country location (managers and admins), name change progression and date of formation on accountability and transparency of the pages 

From the snapshot above, the above information seems good if not adequate.

The name change progression history of a page can show new followers the basic philosophy and motivations behind the page. There is a history of Facebook page name changes of propaganda and hate speech pages.

The location of the Page managers and Admins will show the extent of possible indoctrination and manipulation, especially for political pages, blog fans pages etc.

The use of Ad spend location to trace the country location will help as the Fake news, propaganda and hate pages are also seen as those having high ad spends.


Anil Singh Sunday, February 10, 2019