Youmint Product Review: A free sms sending service

If your friends keep on sending you SMSes and expect you to answer every punch with a punch. Now if you don’t wish to be considered indifferent, you can do two things. First; Every time your mobile gives an SMS alert, you can send a return SMS from your mobile, by punching your mobile keypad; or second; you can send a return SMS by punching the keys of your PC.

Even though the second option requires you to be online, in order to be executed; it’s no doubt easy. For obvious reasons.

More than that, you can opt for the second choice without spending a penny.


The answer is

It allows you to send free smses anywhere in India, between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

All you have to do is register as a member and; this will mean you’ll have to submit your mobile phone number, email and agree to their TOS.

After registering as its member, you will get a number of services like send free SMSes anywhere in India and other offers from time to time.

That apart, you will be paid for incoming SMSes and some money as commission for registering as a member.

You’ll also get money benefits if your downline increases. That’s people you refer opt for the service.

But before rushing for the website, please listen to some more stuff. You are not paid just for becoming a member of the business. You will be paid for actively taking part in the concept. The concept is-- you are actually being given a small portion of the revenue the service will make out of advertising. And why it is sharing it with you?--as you are the one who will act as a carrier, platform and marketer for the service.

The service shows advertisements and offers on mobile phones or more specifically on member mobile phones.

So when you register you are told to fill your mobile number, model, etc apart from your profession and your interests. You are also required to agree to their terms and conditions which meant your approval to unsolicited telemarketing calls and SMSes.

Obviously, people with more mobile phone usage and expensive mobiles with advanced features will get more telemarketing calls than students with non expensive instruments and cautious use. And the former are the ones who will gain more. But those with big friend circles will also gain, as they will act as word of mouth advertisers.

Click Here to open a Youmint Account.

NOTE: DND or 'Do Not Disturb' service must not be activated on the mobile number you register with.

NOTE: If you don't want to get unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages on your mobile; then such services are not meant for you. They are good for only those who are not bothered by such distractions, and value free talk time in exchange. Or some quick money. Eg. College Students.

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