Smart phones launched in 2008 and HSPA technology

Smart phones launched in 2008:

--Apple’s iPhone 3G
--Google G1
--Blackberry Storm
--Nokia N97

2008 proved to be a good year from user-experience point of view in countries with fully established 3G networks.

The reason behind better smart phone experience for the users in 2008:

--The better smart phone experience for the users is attributed to a technology known as High Speed Packet Access (HSPA).

HSPA is like using a speed booster in a car.

--HSPA makes it possible to send and receive large data from a smart phone. The use of HSPA takes a user up to 7.2Mbps in the UK at present.

--Its follow up in 2009—the HSPA+; will further boost the maximum limit to 42 Mbps.

But to support 42Mbps limit, large investment is needed in developing 3G infrastructure which seems unlikely in 2009 as of Global slowdown. But if the smart phone manufacturers don't try to increase their sales by selling large data transfer idea in a big way, the HSPA+ technology can still deliver on its promise.