Listen! Now you can job search using GTalk

Info Edge promoted has launched ‘NaukriOnChat’ wherein one can find job opportunities Through GTalk.

The procedure is simple:

Step 1: login to the GTalk(Google Talk).

Step2: Add            as a friend in your GTalk list of friends.

Step3: Don’t wait for the friend request to get accepted, open the chat window and type Help, press enter. You’ll get some instructions, just follow them and job search.

Where the service came short of:

Right now a job seeker who has opened a account with the same Gmail id, which he/she is using on GTalk, can both search and apply on

But if the user is not registered on with the same Gmail id, that he/she is using at GTalk for search, then although he/she can search for jobs and view job descriptions; he/she will have to log on to his/her Naukri account to apply.

This needs to be taken care of.

PS: If you have opened a account, using some other email id, other than the gmail id you use all day, then open a naukri account using this gmail id.

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