How Americans use mobile broadband PC data card

According to a comScore study, that compared the Internet usage patterns of mobile broadband PC data card users with the general U.S. Internet population, the availability of mobile broadband affects online time of a user in the following way:

The online access via mobile broadband doesn’t represent incremental Internet usage i.e. if a user uses mobile broadband alone; he/she accesses Internet for the same time as spent on the Wireline ISP.

In addition, if a user uses mobile broadband along with a Wireline ISP; he/she divides his/her online time spent between the two.

The numbers below put the above inferences more clearly:

Connection type

Hours Spent Online

Total U.S. Internet Audience


PC Data Card User – Total Time Spent Online


PC Data Card User – Time Spent on Data Card along with a Wireline ISP


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