Nintendo: Not following Microsoft & Sony's Lead

Video game-console makers like Microsoft and Sony have reduced their prices but Nintendo is not planning to follow them - at least not in the near future.

Wii game-console maker Nintendo is not planning to reduce the $250 price tag for its game device. Nintendo has broken records in North America for the number of units sold.

In the end of January, Nintendo's worldwide sales for the Wii system were 44.96 million units but by March, its worldwide shipments exceeded 50 million units. A 11 percent growth in two months. 

Nintendo has no immediate plans to cut prices, but price cut can't be ruled out completely as a possibility in the future, around last quarter of 2009, just before the festive season.

But price slash will happen sooner than some expect it to, as Nintendo's two biggest rivals Microsoft and Sony already have slashed their prices.


Nintendo is also leading in sales for its hand-held devices - the DS and DSi; and has no immediate plans to reduce their prices either.

According to Nintendo, the worldwide shipments for the Nintendo DS franchise were more than 100 million units, as of March.

The fact that DSi offers new and innovative features to its users; it'll  keep Nintendo ahead of its competitors in the handheld gaming sector for some more time in future, but price cut later this year is inevitable.

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