Is Hulu A Threat To YouTube?

By Mani Raj

When it comes to online video, YouTube is still no.-1 but Hulu is getting closer.

According to the latest data by Nielsen Online, in the month of April, YouTube had 5.5 billion video streams and a 58.1% share of the market. While Hulu had 373 million video streams and a 3.9% share of the market.

The amazing thing is that Hulu grew at a shocking 490.4% rate per year compared to 35.5% growth rate of YouTube. Experts say the big reason behind this is that viewers are now enjoying watching longer videos.

Nielsen also stated in their report that viewers between the ages of 35 to 49 were the fastest growing demographic in time spent viewing per viewer. This increase was 29% during the past six months.

Industry experts attributed good interface, excellent programming and aggressive marketing campaign to Hulu's impressive growth.