Average tweets per day by Twitter users word-wide, May 2009

By A Bisht

Quoted here,

Average number of tweets per day by Twitter users word-wide, May 2009:

Tweets_____________ % of Twitter users

0__________________85.37 percent
1___________________6.48 percent
2___________________ 2.8 percent
3___________________ 1.53 percent
4___________________ .93 percent
5___________________ .62 percent
6___________________ .42 percent
7___________________ .31 percent
8___________________ .23 percent
9___________________ .18 percent
10__________________ 1.13 percent

--Percentage of Twitter users who tweet less than once a day __________85 percent

Thus 85 out of every 100 twitter users contribute to nothing to the Twitter timeline.

--Percentage of Twitter users who tweet more than 10 times daily________1.1 percent

Thus only one out of every 10 twitter users is dominating the Twitter timeline.

--75% of all Twitter activity comes from just 5% of users.

This can be explained as a statement which says “80 percent of the country’s wealth is with five percent of the population”.

Thus only a small group (5 percent of all Twitter users) gives twitter the kind of activity Twitter boasts of.

More followers means more Tweets:

The more followers a user has, the more that person tweets.

The average number of tweets per day increase from 3 to 6, among users with more than 1000 followers. --------