The Follower to Following correlation at Twitter

By A Bisht

This may not be true for all, but a large number of people at Twitter , wish to have a big follower count.

But 95 out of every 100 Twitter users have to content with a fewer than hundred followers.

If we relate the Followers and Following trends at twitter, then we will observe that percentages of Twitter users with “fewer than 100 followers” and that of “Twitter users who are following fewer than 100 Twitter users feeds” are amazingly very close.

A recent study by sysomos, reveals that:

95 percent of Twitter users have fewer than 100 followers.


92.4 percent of users follow fewer than 100 Twitter users.

Aren’t the two figures, surprisingly close?


Thus " those who are not following actively are also not being followed."

In simple " for majority of Twitter users, the more they follow the more followers they will get. In the initial stages it seems truer."

To make this inference more concrete, lets take the example of the elite group at Twitter:

This elite group is of the Twitter users, who have more than 1000 followers.

The sysomos study, pegs this elite group at 1.1 percent of the Twitter users.

Again if we take a look at the percentage of people who subscribe (follow) to at least 1000 Twitter users, then we can observe a clear relation between those with 1000 plus followers and those who follow 1000 plus users:

The study says, Less than 1% subscribe to the feeds of at least 1,000 others.

Again, aren't the two numbers surprisingly close to each other ?

It should be logically believed that a person who is following more than 1000 feeds, will surely have a 1000 plus follower count.

" Thus follower and following counts are closely correlated to each other."

Final verdict: From the marketers:

Who else to make the final comment on the inferences drawn so far than the people who call themselves the marketers:
The study says that, among users who identified themselves as marketers, 15% follow more than 2,000 people.
Thus 15 out of every hundred marketers are following 2000 plus users.

I think this itself speaks for the inferences drawn so far.

So lets summarize:

For majority of Twitter users, the more they follow the more followers they will get. In the initial stages it seems truer.” --------