Norton Symantec's list of most dangerous websites 2009

By A Bisht

Internet security company Norton Symantec has come up with internet's 100 most dangerous websites list. Here we'll be listing top 20 of the list.

The list consists of websites that are so much laden with malwares, that a mere visit to the named websites (without acting or downloading anything) can infect a computer and result in data threat and other consequences.

Norton symantec's top 20 most dangerous websites

Some more insights from the study:

--Average number of threats found in each of the listed websites: 18,000

--4 out of every 10 enlisted websites had more than 20,000 threats

--75 out of every 100 of enlisted websites were found to be spreading malware for over six months.

Facts one should know:

--A PC could be infected by merely visiting an infected website. What happens is, when we type in a website address, we bring information on to our computer and with it we may be bringing in some malware.

--Majority of the dangerous websites showcase adult content with unprintable names. Hence one should be vary of websites that feature adult contnet or hardcore pornography.

--Another common modus operandi of such dangerous websites is to showcase those category of content which people want in order to work more effectively or as a self-help info, like legal services, Koi fish rearing, ice skating, deer hunting, catering etc. Hence one should visit only authentic sources for gettign the required info.

--Hackers can obtain personal information using keystroke-logging software from PCs.

--If a website appears in the dangerous website lists regularly, i.e. if it's infected for a considerable amount of time, then it is intentionally spreading the malwares to achieve some malice. The wbsite is making money at the user's cost. Users should permanently blacklist such a website.

--Malware is a software that can damage or compromise a computer system without the owner's consent. --------