1 in 5 workplaces uses Google Docs

By A Bisht

Is Google Docs putting a challenge to Microsoft Office’s dominance in the workplace. The following data will help you decide for yourself.

According to a new survey, done in july, by market research firm IDC,

About 1-in-5 companies (19.5 percent) reported that Google Docs is "widely is used" in their workplace.
Google Docs is Google's cloud-based office application.

Back in December 2007, a similar survey had found that 1-in-20 (5 percent) companies surveyed reported the use of Google Docs at their workplace.

Points to be noted:

--Google Docs is not yet supplanting Microsoft, but most of the users are using Google Docs along with Microsoft office.

--Despite Google Docs' growth, Microsoft Office's presence in the workplace is essentially unchanged. 97 out of every 100 workplaces are still using MS Office. This indicates workers are using both tools.

-- The survey didn't seek data on the number of users who had contracted with paid Google Apps services. This points to the fact that , may be the users are using Google tool on their own, along with the MS Office, in order to increase thier efficiency; but officially the companies are still with the Microsoft Office.

Other findings of the study:

-- Of the companies surveyed, 80% were based in the U.S. Of these, Of that number, 64%( i.e 54 companies) came from IT and the remaining from the business side.

--Of all the respondents, 26% were C-level employees, and 23% vice president and director, with the remainder, 51%, not specified.

-- 35% of those responding were from companies with fewer than 100 employees, 31% of the respondents were from companies with more than 5,000 employees. The rest were from companies between 100 and 5000 employees. --------