Facebook Mobile added 45 Million Users in just 8 months

By A Bisht

Launched in 2006, Facebook Mobile had 20 million users in January 2009. Thus Facebook Mobile took 3 years to accumulate 20 million users.

Now, as reported by Facebook blog, Facebook Mobile has 65 million active users. An addition of 45 million users in just 8 months.Thus what Facebook Mobile managed to add in three years; it added almost twice that number in the past eight months.

Number of Facebook Mobile users in January 2009_________20 million
Number of Facebook Mobile users in September 2009______ 65 million

Increase in the past eight months_______________________ 225 percent

Useful info:

Facebook Mobile has two web sites:

m.facebook.com-- works on any mobile browser(or handset)

x.facebook.com--specifically meant for touch screen phones like Android, Palm, iPhone and Nokia. --------