HP marks its entry into high end PC market with Envy

By A Bisht

HP is making its entry into the expensive and stylish (high-end), ultra-thin consumer PC market with its new Envy sub-brand, this fall.

Some Envy attributes:

--Is under an inch thick

--Weighs less than 4 pounds (less than 1822 grams)

-- Will have a customized software interface (making the device more personalized, a growing trend in the PC space)

-- Prices start at $ 1700

The new two-unit Envy line. has a 13.3-inch Envy 13 and the 15-inch Envy 15.

Attributes of Envy 13:

 0.8 inches thick
 Weighs 3.74 pounds
 A magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis and a new LED backlit display that, at 360 nits(unit for measuring the brightness), is twice as bright as HP's other notebooks.
 Offers a QuickWeb mode-- boots up the Web without turning on the rest of the computer for instant access
 Starting price is $1,699

Attributes of Envy 15:

 1 inch thick
 Weighs 5.18 pounds
 Along with the same functionality of Envy 13, with a larger LCD, a laser-etched aluminum chassis
 Starting price $1,799

What Envy line lacks:

 An optical drive. To make for the loss, they have the ability to dock with a special lithium-polymer battery, extending the unit's battery life to 18 hours. Extended battery-life and an external optical cost an additional $200.

Additional info:

--HP, the world's No. 1 PC maker has a global market share of 20 percent.

--HP’s Envy subbrand will compete with Apple Inc's MacBook Air and Dell Inc's Adamo. Both the Air and the Adamo start at $1,500. --------