Number of Gmail users worldwide as of Aug 2009

By A Bisht

The total number of Gmail, Google's e-mail service, users worldwide, as of now are 150 million or 15 crore.

The free version of Gmail is the world's third most-popular e-mail program, behind similar services provided by Microsoft and Yahoo.

According to ComScore's February statistics, the top three players had the following number of users:

Microsoft webmail properties: 256.2 million users
Yahoo: 254.6 million users
Google: 91.6 million users
AOL webmail properties: 48.9 million users

*** Comparing the number of Gmail users in February and now; Gmail has grown 64 percent in the past six months. Although, except for AOL, the other two players have also increased their user count during the same period, still Google is the fastest-growing online e-mail offering.

In Mid August 2009, Techcrunch, has given the following growth figures for this year:

Growth in unique visitors:
Gmail_______________________________ 25 percent
Hotmail_____________________________ 8 percent
Yahoo Mail__________________________ 16 percent

Decline in unique visitors:

AOL_______________________________ 22 percent --------