Number of Online Videos watched in US in August 2009

By A Bisht

According to a comScore study, during the month of August 09, about 161 million U.S. Internet users watched online videos. This is the largest number of audience ever recorded.

The total number of videos viewed during the month is in excess of 25 billion. This being another all time high.

Google sites took the biggest share accounting for more than 10 billion video views.

Top ten Video content properties on the basis of share of number of video viewed:

Google Sites___________________________40 percent accounted for 99 percent of all videos viewed at the Google Sites.

Microsoft Sites_________________________ 2.15 percent

Viacom Digital__________________________2.1 percent

Hulu_________________________________1.9 percent

Fox Interactive Media____________________1.5 percent

Yahoo! Sites___________________________1.4 percent

Turner Network________________________ 1.2 percent

CBS Interactive_________________________0.7 percent

Disney Online___________________________0.6 percent

AOL LLC_______________________________ --

*** An Average Video Viewer Watched Nearly 10 Hours of Online Video During August. --------