Pitching First Android device against Apple’s iPhone

By A Bisht

--Google and T-Mobile unveiled the first Android phone, the G1, in Sep 2008. Android was launched in late 2007.

In the first six months of its arrival, 1 million G1s were sold.
From the period since, up to now, about same number were sold.

--iPhone launched in June 2007

In the first year, 6 million iPhones were sold.
From the period since, up to now, 20 million iPhones were sold.

There by achieving a current installed base of 26 million devices since its launch.

Android phones so far:

G1, from T Mobile launched in September 2008.

MyTouch, made by Taiwan's HTC, launched in August 2009.

In the next few months many more Android phones are expected to go on sale. Among most awaited for, is Motorola's Cliq , expected to arrive by year's end. Motorola has customized the software with a new user interface that highlights social networking

Some info:

--Android market place has more than 10,000 applications.
--Apple’s iPhone App Store has more than 50,000 applications. --------