Profile of Facebook and Twitter users 2009

By A Bisht

According to a new study by The Nielsen Co., those who are quite active and have affinity for Facebook and Twitter, are more likely to be belonging from affluent society and are more urban than their fellow US citizens. In short affluent and urban are more likely to find Facebook and Twitter interesting and thus are most glued to the two networks.

Study summary:

 Facebook users are more affluent than their social networking counterparts on Myspace.

 Bloggers and Twitterers tend to live in urban areas.

 About half of the U.S. population visited any social networking site in 2008. The number is constantly growing.

 Of the seven main Social networks studied, Facebook users generally have an upscale profile(more affluent)

 Top 33 percent of the US population (on the basis of affluence) is 25% more likely to use Facebook, than the bottom 33 percent. The bottom 33 percent is 37% more likely to use MySpace than the top 33%.

 As Facebook and Twitter grow in popularity, their user base is shifting to the higher age demographics. In short, with increasing popularity, while the younger demographics numbers are showing a decline; the older demographics are showing an increase. --------