Service which informs you when someone unfollows you at Twitter

By A Bisht

Twitter emails a user, when someone follows him/her. And for all those, who consider twitter as a road to progress, getting such an email is a good feeling.

But what if someone decides to unfollow you. As Twitter extends no help in this regard, all you see is your entourage decrease by one.

But for majority of twitter users, this number update is hardly enough.

What if, the unfollowing user is the one, you considered yourself privileged to have in your retinue.

Manually scanning the entire follower list, is not only unsmart, but an impossible task when the follower count goes into hundreds.

The smart solution to the problem is – Quitter

Ya—just as twitter mails you when someone follows you;

Quitter mails you when someone unfollows you (on Twitter of course).

To use Quitter, go to Quitter, and type your twitter account and email address.

Ya you don’t have to disclose your Twitter password. --------