Some truth about Windows usage

By A Bisht

According to the real world data collected by Exo Performance Network, some truths regarding Windows usage are as under:

--Two years after Vista's release, not even 30 percent of PCs actually run the os.Among those which actually run Vista are almost exclusively the Home Premium version. That's, the home users who likely got Vista preinstalled on a new PC.

-- Company intranets are the Internet Explorer's hidden stronghold: Since most of the studies measure the public Internet use, the true picture regarding the IE usage is not found. But when the internal browser traffic on company intranets is measured,as Exo performance does, it is found that 85 percent of enterprise Windows users run IE for at least four hours a day.Thus irrespective of the fact that Firefox is giving some competition to IE in the public domain, Microsoft's browser continues to rule the intranet of the companies.

--Office 2007 now the dominant productivity suite for enterprise Windows users. Nearly 35 percent of Windows PCs run some variant of Office 2007. is making its presence felt: The open source productivity suite has captured nearly 13 percent of Windows PCs sampled.

--PC users do have the right congiguration to run Windows 7, scheduled to be available from Oct 22. --------