Technology brands among top 50 Best Global brands 2009

By A Bisht

According to the 2009 Best Global Brands list rolled out by market research Firm Interbrand, released on Thursday, computer services gaint, IBM is 2nd best Global brand. The world’s top brand is Coca Cola.

Among top five there are three Technology companies, IBM, Microsoft and Nokia at 2nd, 3rd and 5th positions respectively.

Apple’s brand which is at 20th position has climbed four positions. It was at 24th position last year.
But recognizing the iconic status of Apple, the list called Apple “among the most iconic of relatively young brands in the world" .

Top 10 brands and Technology brands in the top 50 Best Global brands:

1. Coca Cola (United States)

2. IBM (United States) __________same rank in 2008

3. Microsoft (United States)_______same rank in 2008

4. GE (United States)____________same rank in 2008

5. Nokia (Finland)_______________same rank in 2008

6. MacDonalds (United States)

7. Google (United States)_________ Climbed three ranks, 10th in 2008

8. Toyota

9. Intel (United States)___________Down two ranks, 7th in 2008

10. Disney (United States)

11. HP (United States)___________Climbed one rank, 12th in 2008

14 Cisco (United States)_________Climbed three ranks, 17th in 2008

19. Samsung (Republic of Korea)___Climbed two ranks, 21st in 2008

20. Apple (United States)_________Climbed four ranks, 24th in 2008

24. Oracle (United States)________Down one rank, 23th in 2008

27. SAP (Germany)___________Climbed four ranks, 31st in 2008

29. Sony (Japan)_____________Down four ranks, 25th in 2008

33. Canon (Japan)___________Climbed three ranks, 36st in 2008

35. Dell (United States)_______Down three ranks, 32nd in 2008

39. Nintendo (Japan)_________Climbed one rank, 40th in 2008

42. Philips (Netherlands)__________Climbed one rank, 43rd in 2008

43. (United States)_____Climbed 15 ranks, 58th in 2008

45. Accenture (United States)____Climbed two ranks, 47th in 2008

46. EBay (United States)___________same rank in 2008

47. Siemens (Germany)____________Climbed one rank, 48th in 2008 --------