Apple Q4 2009 Numbers

By A Bisht

Apple announced its fourth quarter (Q4 Fiscal 2009 ended 28 Sep, 2009) numbers on October 19, 2009. Below are the numbers:

Revenue Q4 2009 ____________$9.87 billion
Revenue Q4 2008 ____________$7.9 billion
Year on Year increase_____ 25 percent

Earnings Q4 2009 ____________$1.67 billion

Per share valuation in Q4 2009______$1.82
Per share valuation in Q4 2008______$1.26
YoY increase in per share valuation ____44 percent


Macintosh® computer sales in Q4 2009_______3.05 million
Macintosh® computer sales in Q4 2008_______2.6 million
Year on Year increase in unit sales_______17 percent

iPod sales in Q4 2009_______10.2 million
iPod sales in Q4 2008_______11 million
Year on Year decline in unit sales_______8 percent

iPhone sales in Q4 2009_______7.4 million
iPhone sales in Q4 2008_______6.9 million
Year on Year increase in unit sales_______7 percent


-- The fourth quarter of 2009 is Apple’s "most profitable ever."

--The company sold more Macs and iPhones than in any previous quarter

--The company says that it sold more iPhones than ever during Q4 2009. The reasons attributed being expansion to newer regions, including China at the end of the month; and continually expanding App Store, which now has 85,000 applications available.

--Macintosh® computer saw a 17 percent increase in sales, compared to year ago quarter

--iPhone saw a 7 percent increase in sales. compared to year ago quarter.

--iPods saw a 8 percent decline in sales.

-- The company hints at a very strong lineup for the holiday season and some really great new products in the pipeline for 2010.

--The five week initial sales period or the first five weeks sales of a new launch for Apple’s brand new Snow Leopard operating system, the sales of OS upgrades to Mac OS X 10.6 were twice as high as the same five-week initial sales period from the previous version of the OS, called Leopard.

-- Apple stores had their best quarter ever in terms of revenue ($1.7 billion) and Mac sales (670,000), and 15 new locations opened during Jul-Sep 2009 period (Q4 2009). --------

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