Developments in E reader front 2009

By A Bisht

 Wall Street Journal on Thursday 08 October, has reported that Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc will be selling its own electronic reader(A touchscreen device) to rival Inc's Kindle, may be by next month. No confirmation or denial from the company though. The company will retail the E reader from its brick and mortar stores
 On Thursday October 8, Barnes & Noble forecast a same-store sales decline of 2 percent to 4 percent for its fiscal 2010.

 In July 2009, the Barnes & Noble unveiled an online digital bookstore, believed to be the world's largest, with over 700,000 titles that could be read on devices like Apple Inc's iPhone.

 Barnes and Nobles had at that time announced that it would be the exclusive provider of digital content on the Plastic Logic e-reader, due early 2010.

 Amazon on Tuesday 06 October 2009, has announced a $40 price cut on its popular reader Kindle. It will now sell at $259 in the U.S.

Kindle price now___________$259
Kindle price last year________$359
Reduction in Price compared to last year_________28 percent

Kindle’s international version is now available in 100 countries. Kindle is available only on

 Electronics chain Best Buy has announced on Thursday October 08 2009, that it would sell Sony Corp e-readers for the first time at its stores, from this weekend.

Best Buy will also showcase an e-reader by iRex Technologies that links to the Barnes & Noble digital store for the holidays. --------