Dress codes for avatars a norm in virtual worlds in coming years

By A Bisht

Those who are quite active in virtual worlds like second life; should not get too attached to their avatars.

The reason being, alike the real world, where people have to sport different dress codes for different situations and jobs; they will be doing the same in virtual worlds as well. Thus in coming years, a punk guitarist avatar everywhere and anywhere in virtual world will not do.

According to Gartner,

In the coming years, chances are your employer is going to establish dress codes that governs how the avatar looks and behaves -- and halo-wearing, flying rockers just won't just conform.

Gartner says by the end of 2013, "70 percent of enterprises will have behavior guidelines and dress codes established for all employees who have avatars associated with the enterprise inside a virtual environment.

Gartner also predicts an increased Avatar use, as it cuts cost, in coming years. --------