Facebook up, MySpace down, twitter grows vs a year ago

By A Bisht

According to web metrics provider Hitwise, while Facebook traffic skyrocketed, that of Myspace has plummeted; while twitter carried on its growing momentum, in US in the past one year.

Compared to year ago, Facebook traffic is up nearly 200 percent. Facebook now has 60 percent of the traffic to social networks.

MySpace has fallen from 66 percent of the traffic to social networks in Sep 2008 to 30 percent market share in Sep 2009. This is half of Facebook.

Twitter meanwhile has retained its significant and respectable growth.
In Sep 2008, Twitter had 0.15 percent of the social networks traffic. 
In Sep 2009, Twitter now has 1.84 percent of the traffic. 

A plus 1000 percent growth compared to last year. --------

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