Microsoft Q1 2010 numbers

By A Bisht

On Friday 23 oct 2009, Microsoft reported its Fiscal 2010 first-quarter or Jul-Sep 2009 quarter numbers:

Profit Q1 2010 ______________ $3.57 billion
Profit Q1 2009 ______________ $4.37 billion
Decline (YoY)___________18 percent

Sales Q1 2010___________ $12.92 billion
Decline (YoY)______14 percent


-- Improved PC market contributed in better results.

--Sales of Windows software and Halo video game were stronger than expected.

--Sales in Q1 2010 compared to Q1 2009 , is partly reduced by a deferral of $1.47 billion in revenue to future quarters related to Microsoft's free upgrade to Windows 7 for recent buyers of the predecessor Vista system.

--Quarterly profit declined in Microsoft's main units, producing the Windows operating system and Office suite of applications.

--Profit rose in its server unit and its entertainment and devices unit, which makes the Xbox console and Halo video game series.

--The company's loss-making online services unit, which includes the new Bing search engine, reported a wider loss than a year ago.

--Acting caution in the economic slowdown, the company also cut its outlook for operating expenses for the full fiscal year to $26.2 billion from its previous target of $26.5 billion. --------

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