Moms think differently Sep 2009

By A Bisht

Those who have sisters will have noticed that, when they become moms their entire thought process changes. In majority of cases, kids become their main priority and every effort is made to provide the kids a hassle free life. As money is an important medium to ensure a good life, they start making conscious effort not only in making savings for future uncertainties; but also start spending each penny with extreme caution and judgment. So along with buying only the necessary; they also start looking for best bargains, whenever they shell out money.

In simple, a woman without children and a woman with children are two different entities. Moms do think differently.

A recent survey “What Women Want Consumer survey” by Prospectiv conducted among US women internet users with and without children; underlines the above assertion.

Findings of the survey:

--More moms than women without children said they did not mind seeing online discounts and coupons for products that interested them.
 Inference: As more alternates, can lead to a better buy.

-- Moms were less likely skip discount and coupon offers.

-- Moms trust online coupons more than female Internet users without children.

-- While 45 percent of moms wanted information relevant to their lifestyle; 30 percent of Women without children said they want messages pertaining to their lifestyle.

--While 21 out of hundred moms, wanted to see “anything they send me.” messages; Women without children were much pickier: only 17 out of every 100.

--While only 20 percent of moms, opted for “Don’t send anything at all” pertaining to their lifestyles; 35% of women without children want to opt for it.

-- More than the information on discount and other offers, women without children want information which is based upon recent purchases. While 18 out of 100 women without children depend on such info; for moms this number is 15 out of 100.

Interestingly ,females without children were twice as likely as moms to say they would pick something up based on a personal recommendation from a friend, family member or co-worker.

-- Altough “moms who blog” phenomenn is hyped a lot; the survey finds the marketers overestimating its usefulness. Just one out of every 100 moms, 1 percent, thinks blogs to be an effective way to promote a brand. In comparison, women without children are more positive about the effectiveness of the blogs, 8 among every 100.

Reason: This finding may appear a real surprise to some, but if the finding is analyzed with respect to the thought process of moms, which revolves around generating a secure, steady and permanent monthly income; along with conservation and avoidance of any money wastage; then effectiveness of a blog to promote anything worth, is bound to be seen by moms with some suspicion. In short, as most moms don’t consider blogging as a constructive activity, because of its low success rate; they consider it an ineffective medium.

Other findings:

-- For moms the most effective way Brands can be promoted online, in descending order of likeness:

Product samples offered online (47 percent)
Coupons (40 percent)
E-mails (9 percent)
Banner ads on websites (3 percent)
Blogs (1 percent)

-- For women without children the most effective way Brands can be promoted online, in descending order of likeness:

Product samples offered online (38 percent)
Coupons (34 percent)
E-mails (13 percent)
Blogs (8 percent)
Banner ads on websites (7 percent) --------