Global Smartphone market Q3 2009

By A Bisht

According to a report released by IDC,

Smartphone market remained unfazed by recession. The third quarter numbers for smartphone market support the above assertion:

Total number of devices shipped in Q3 2009_____43.3 million (A new record)
Total number of devices shipped in Q3 2008____ 41.55 million
Rise (YoY) _______________4.2 percent

Total number of devices shipped in Q2 2009_____41.96 million
Rise (QoQ) ____________3.2 percent

Other important points from the report:

--Among smartphone vendors, Nokia enjoys the biggest market share, 37.9 percent. The Nokia has to struggle in America. Rest of the world, it’s in comfortable lead. Nokia’s expensive phones, popular N97and E71 aided the company.

--Research in Mobile, with 19 percent market share is number two. Blackberry devices helped RIM increase its market share by 38 percent, in Q3 2009, over the same quarter last year--the highest jump of any vendor. Two debuting phones in Q3 2009-- Blackberry Tour and Curve 8520.

--Apple with 17.1 percent market share is at number 3. Compared to Q3 2008, Apple’s share rose 7.1 percent. In Q3 2009, Apple saw record sales volume. Though popular in US, Apple has not made much impact in emerging markets. iPhone officially debuted in China in the quarter as well. IDC is optimistic about the development.

--HTC with 5.6 percent market share is at number four. The company gained 14.7 market shares in Q3-2009, compared to Q3 2008. HTC is the largest provider of smartphones running Windows Mobile.

--Samsung with 3.5 percent market share is at number five. Compared to Q3 2008, the company gained no market share. Samsung too runs Windows mobile os.

--Others with 16.8 percent market share, have lost their market share in Q3 2009 compared to Q3 2008. Back in corresponding quarter previous year, others had a market share of 22.9 percent.
Conclusion: Overall, IDC expects worldwide demand for smartphones to continue, outpacing the general cell phone market. --------