iPhone catching up RIM as smartphone of choice among consumers

By A Bisht

According to a recent survey by ChangeWave Research, Research In Motion continues to be the smartphone of choice among consumers, but Apple's iPhone is quickly catching up.

A week long survey conducted in September, revealed the following insights:

--RIM retains its lead in smartphone ownership with 40 percent market share. But there’s a dip f one percentage point compared to June 2009. And this is the lowest market share for Rim in two years.

-- RIM is facing Stiff competition from Apple, whose iPhone has 30 percent market share now. Compared to June, there’s an increase of 5 percentage points (new iPhone 3GS was released in June 2009)

--Palm remained steady, retaining its 7 percent market share since June. It’s to note that the two important launches, Palm Pre and Pixi, have not positively affected the Palm market share.

--Back in June 2006, Palm had a market share of 36 percent; it had eroded steadily from that peak to 7 percent now. --------

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