Top 15 most popular net properties in Turkey in Sep 2009

By A Bisht

According to comScore, Google Sites Ranks as Most Visited Property in Turkey, with 18.7 million (93 pc of total internet users in the country) visiting Google sites in Sep 2009.

Facebook which, as the report says, underscore emergence of Social Networking in Turkey, stands at third spot.

Top 15 online properties in Turkey in Sep 2009 and their reach percent:

Online property_________________Reach %

Google sites_____________________93
Microsoft sites___________________89.1
Facebook.com___________________ 81.3
Dogan Online (Turkish-based property)_______ 56.5
Milliyet Group(Turkish-based property)_______ 44.5
Mynet A.S. (Turkish-based property)__________42.1 property)__________41.7
Hurriyet Internet Group_____________37.8
Nokta Internet Teknolojileri_________35.8
Yahoo! Sites______________________32.7
AOL LLC______________________29.8
Wikimedia Foundation Sites______28
Dailymotion.com________________ 26.7
Sahibinden.com_________________26.2 --------