Traffic to Facebook in Sep 2009 and its worth as an ad publisher

By A Bisht

If you are an advertiser, who wants to drive large volumes to your site/brand; then this piece of stat may be of interest to you.

According to a compete analysis,

For the month of September 2009,on the basis of traffic (unique visitors), Facebook is the third largest site online with 125 million visitors; and the social network is quickly approaching the number one and two, Google and Yahoo.

Traffic (unique visitors) for September 2009:

Google.com___________147 million
Yahoo.com___________136 million
Facebook.com________125 million

For comparison in Sep 2008, the three properties have the following traffic:

Google.com___________125 million (approx.)
Yahoo.com___________Lesser than but close to Google traffic
Facebook.com________Below 50 million

The success of Facebook ads is attributed to the traffic the social network commands; and the reach and ease of implementing a campaign. The ease of implementation is explained in terms of the ability to create a campaign from a single page.

***For a small campaign that ran for two days, the compete writer managed to get 13% of the traffic to his landing page from Facebook. --------