Try Improved Google Product Search to get best bargains this festive season

By A Bisht

For this US festive season, market research firms have predicted bargain hunting behaviour for the consumers.

As a result top stores will be bringing great bargains for this festive season. The customers although are going for best bargains, they still are going for feature rich buys. Festive season in other parts of the globe will more or less emulate the similar behavior.

To assist shoppers in getting the best bargain , Google has improved its Google Product Search.

How Google product search assists a shopper :

 A shopper can compare products and prices from merchants across the web, from popular retailers like Amazon and Best Buy to places to buy unique gifts like eBay and Etsy.

 New Gallery view shows larger, higher-resolution images of products to help pick the style or model that is right for the shopper.Gallery view for digital cameras

 Check the Reviews section of the product pages before buying. Also included are review summaries to help a shopper see what people are saying at a glance.Review summaries for Nikon d90 are here.

 Recently integrated video product reviews from YouTube, on the product pages, can be of big assistance. Video product reviews page of nikon d90.

Reach the nearest Store: If a shopper wants to see or purchase an item in person, he or she can , click nearby stores to see a map of nearby store locations for that seller. To find stores near by for Nikon d90, click stores nearby, on overview page.

 A shopper can product search on mobile phone too, The mobile product search allows a user to compare prices, read reviews and even find coupons from the Local Business Center while shopping. In addition, a shopper can also use the nifty barcode scanner on his/her phone to compare prices quickly and easily.

Happy shopping, Google way! --------