Untouched part of the WEB and search

By A Bisht

Consider a dynamic (something one can interact with) mobile phone website, selling a number of mobile phone brands. Now consider that the website is quite popular among mobile phone buyers. And every time they decide to buy a new phone, they head straight away to the site. So everyday scores of people come to this site and search the site for brands, features, prices etc.

For every user search, the site turns the user query into an html page and present the unique results to the user; Unique in a sense that the results cater to the search of this particular user only.

Now, this html page, which presented the results to the user, can be very informative, not only for businesses (they can know their customers well) but also for buyers (more information means better purchases).

But, there’s a problem here.

Most of the search engines, at present, won’t be able to see this page; and countless other such pages, which the buyers get when they make queries at the website.

The reason being, the page was created just for the user from a series of databases.

So, in a way, the page gets lost in what experts call the Deep Web--An entity which is still untouched from the crawling fingers of search engines.

Since dynamic websites and applications, like our supposed mobile phone site; are adding up with every passing second; experts are of the opinion that the Deep Web is almost 500 times larger than the surface Web (which we see through search engines),

Now, unless we get the information from this Deep web, we as web users are being given less.

But, be assured, search engines like Kosmix, and Google; are making great strides to explore the Deep Web for us.

To get a preview of what Kosmix and Google are doing on this front, Read Google, Kosmix, and The Deep Web – A Love Triangle. --------