Find Who Has Stopped Following You on Twitter

You followed someone out of a deal—You follow me, Take my word, I’ll follow you back.

You had this deal with hundreds of twitter users, and now you have a respectable follower count.

But suddenly, you find your follower count start dropping. But things are different now. As your follower count is in hundreds now, it’s not possible to visit each user account you are following and check whether he/she is following you back or not.

You know, someone has broke the deal; but don’t know who.

Don’t frown, you can find the deal breaker, not one but all. Friend or Follow will help you find all those twitter users who you are following but they are not following you back.

How to use FriendorFollow:

--Go to

--Just put YOUR Twitter username in the text box that says “Put your username here” and click Submit.

You will see the usernames of all those people you are following, but they are not following you back. --------

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