Grow your followers with Twitter Friends

The home page of Twitter Friends – shows a tag line “Grow your community”. In simple this means, grow your Twitter followers”.

How Twitter Friends helps you grow your follower count:

To achieve this, Twitter Friends adopts a very smart way.

To grow your follower count using Twitter Friends, You need “Twitter Friends Credits”.

--You can earn Twitter friends credits in the following ways:

 Join and you will get 35 credits.

Members can earn credits by following others: On the home page a member finds a list of members who are giving credits in return of being followed. You follow the members of your choice and in return earn the credits.

Members can buy credits too: By subscribing to paid subscription. That way, one will be excused of earning credits by following. In addition, the following count will also remain at a respectable low number.

How you use Twitter Friends Credits to increase your follower count:

Just as the other members are giving credits for being followed, and are featured in the homepage list; you will also give credits in return of being followed (Twitter Friends admin takes care of the process, you don't have to do anything).

Once your accumulated credits get exhausted, you will have to earn credits again. For that you either can follow others or go for paid subscription.

Our opinion:

The concept of Twitter Friends works well. Following members, sharing a common interest as yours, for credits is actually a growing exercise. And if done correctly, means with discretion, one can actually grow his/her follower count.

Going for Paid subscription is also rewarding, as it gives premium rewards, plus it doesn't put pressure on your twitter account's following count. In addition it saves a lot of time, which can be devoted to building content on one's twitter account.

Click here to join Twitter Friends dot org. --------

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