Growth in internet users in nations in Asia Pacific region

By A Bisht

In September 2009, the Internet population in the Asia-Pacific region reached 484 million, an increase of 22 percent from the previous year. With this the region now accounts for 41 percent of the total 1.2 billion global Internet audience.

With China, Japan and India fuel the growth in the region, most individual countries in the region experiencing double-digit growth rates.

The internet population in Sep 2009, in various nations of the region:

China______________220.8 million (largest internet population in the world)

Japan_____________ 68.3 million

India______________ 35.8 million

South Korea________29.1 million

Australia___________12.7 million

Taiwan____________12 million

Malaysia__________ 9.4 million

Hong Kong________ 3.9 million

Singapore_________2.7 million

New Zealand______2.6 million

Growth in internet users vs. last year in nations of the region:

China______________31 percent (the fastest-growing Internet country in the region)

Japan_____________ 18 percent

India______________ 17 percent

South Korea________10 percent

Australia___________12 percent

Taiwan____________14 percent

Malaysia__________8 percent

Hong Kong________5 percent

Singapore_________14 percent

New Zealand______15 percent --------