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What makes "" different from other twitter monetizing programmes is that unlike other programmes which show a member a list of advertiser tweets (with a definite amount of money or incentive) to choose from; gives an ADVERTISER the options to choose the members who he wants to tweet about his service/product and; the monetary incentive he wants to pay to any particular member (Although, a member has to quote what he/she wants to charge for every tweet).

In addition unlike other twitter monetising programmes, which make their advertiser tweets open to all members and then pay the tweeters on the basis of pay-per-click or pay-per-action basis; gives an advertiser's tweet to the members of the advertiser's choice and make the payment to the chosen member as he/she tweets the advertiser tweet.

What we like:

In a world where money is an important resource, it’s always good to give discretion to the person who owns the money. This way money not only gets spend in the right manner; it also reaches the worthy hands.
Since the programme unleashes a twitter account’s monetizing power thru advertiser’s money, giving primary choice and spend discretion to the advertiser seems quite logical.

The model also ensures better monetizing from a member's perspective.

A member with a very focussed niche twitter account or a member with a high follower count, automatically commands more monetary incentive per tweet and more advertisers.

In addition, if advertising is basically a spread of word exercise, then while an advertiser gets better reach, the publisher (member who tweets) gets his reward just for assisting the advertiser do so.

How you Make Money On Twitter with

--Join and advertisers will pay you for tweeting their tweets. You decide what you charge for every tweet. The advertiser looks at your quoted price and decides whether to associate with you or not.

--Refer friends and earn 12% of whatever they make.

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