Mobile number portability in India by March 2010

By A Bisht

Rolling back from its initial plans of implementing Mobile number portability in India by 31st December 2009; the government will now introduce mobile number portability across the country (earlier the govt planned to implement it phases, beginning the implementation with metros) by March 31, 2010.

What does this mean?

The mobile phone users have to wait for three months, before they can retain their current mobile number.

What is number portability?

As the name suggests, Mobile number portability is a service, which makes it possible for you to retain your current mobile number even after switching over to a new service provider.

Example: If at present you have 8249 3030 number from Airtel, and you want to go for some other service provider, say idea (for whatever reasons); then you can ask for your current number i.e. 8249 3030 from idea, your new service provider. --------