33 percent Americans think Technology has not advanced by 2010 as they had hoped

By A Bisht

Despite being a nation, which usually gets the first wave of every new technological trend; is it iPod, iPhone, twitter and so on;

"Nearly a third of Americans said technology has not advanced to the stage they would have thought it to reach by 2010." (Zogby survey)

The findings of the survey conducted by Zogby International in the United States are:

 The age group which is most disappointed by the current level of technological advancement is 35-54 year olds (36 percent).

 About 21 percent of people believe technological advancement by 2010 is more than their expectation. About a third of people, 70 years and older, contributed to this group.

 37 percent believed technology advancement is on target for their expectations.

 18-30 age group is more likely to be disappointed by the pace of technological advancement, than any other age group,

 Women seemed to be more content with the technological pace compared to Men. --------