Adapting your existing blog for mobile with Google Reader

With the increasing popularity of smartphone culture all around the world; increasing number of people are accessing blog/website content using their mobile phones.

Taking que from the above fact, big websites/blogs or tech savvy bloggers are silently rolling out mobile versions of their blogs/websites.

But not everyone is big or tech savvy; So how can one make a mobile version of their blogs/websites, without investing money or much time?

The answer is thru a Google Reader.

Google Reader can generate a very good mobile view of your RSS feed in seconds.
All you have to do is to append (add) your feed address to the following URL and your mobile blog is ready. your feed here

For instance to adapt Tech24Hours for mobile; I appended Tech24Hours feed(for blogger blogs, this is the feed) to the above url

The above link is the mobiel site link of Tech 24 Hours. Tech 24 Hours on mobile looks like this:

Follow the above described method, and you'll also adapt your existing blog/website for mobile in seconds.

Now, as you have successfully adapted your existing blog for mobile viewing; it's time to inform your readers about it. A text or Picture link at the top right of your blog or website will help spread the word.

Note: If you want to monetise your mobile blog with adsense, before spreading the word; then is the procedure. --------