Apple launches 499 dollar iPad

The much anticipated and speculated Apple tablet has finally been launched (on 27 January 2010).

Named iPad, the new device is described by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a "third category" of devices, a do-everything media gadget, that can literally do everything; but stands somewhere at the middle of a smartphone and laptop. Jobs also mentioned that the new device will also be pitched as an e-book reader and gave hints that Amazon’s Kindle will be its competition.

To make the category distinction more clear, Apple priced iPad much lower at $499, than what analysts had predicted.

Image: Apple iPad

iPad details and related info:

1) 9.7-inch touchscreen tablet (looks like a large iPhone)

2) Half-inch thick

3) 1.5-pound in weight

4) Features Apple's own processor (1 GHertz Apple A4 Chip)

5) 10 hours battery life

6) Runs a version of the iPhone's operating system

7) Can use nearly all of the 140,000 apps currently available for the iPhone

8) Apple to introduce a new iBook electronic reader service that will compete with Inc's Kindle

9) Basic version (16 gigabytes of storage) priced at $499 (analysts had expected to be up to $1,000): An extra $130 is needed to equip the iPad with third-generation (3G) wireless capability. Higher-capacity models will range for $599 and $699

10) iPad will start selling around late March 2010

11) AT&T to offer two monthly data plans for the iPad, a limited one for $14.99 and an unlimited one for $29.99