Bring Google Reader on Google Chrome toolbar

By A Bisht

If you use Google Chrome and read content on Google reader then the “Google Reader notifier extention of Google Chrome” will interest you.

The Google Reader Notifier displays the number of unread items in your Reader account in Google Chrome's toolbar. When clicked, the toolbar icon displays a popup preview of the latest items in your account. This way, you can keep an eye on your Reader account; and head to the Reader only when you find something interesting.

Installation requirement:

To use Google Reader Notifier, you need to have Google Chrome Beta installed in Windows or Linux. If you are not sure, whether the Google Chrome you are using is a Beta or not then go to this page; if you are not using Beta, it’ll show an install option.

Install Google Chrome Notifier.


Avid Google Reader users will find RSS subscription extension useful too. It adds previewing and one-click subscribe support for any RSS or Atom feed that one comes across. --------