How to move content between your Blogger blogs

One of the best things about Blogger is that one can create any number of blogs free of cost. This is an important virtue, as it allows a blogger to preserve some happening blog names that come up in their minds anytime for future use.

But one drawback of this virtue is that, in the enthusiasm of creating and then making content on blogs every now and then, most of the blogs stagnate after a couple of posts.

So a scenario comes, when one has 100 posts(or articles) scattered around 15 newly created blogs; while the blogger returning back to one or two mostly worked on blogs.

Now even though the 100 odd scattered posts in 15 odd blogs can make for a good read; their scattered nature can’t pull them the attention they need.

The solution is to move the content on these blogs to the most worked on or happening blogs (if they share some common thread).

How this can be done ?

One way is to copy each post at some word processor like ms word, delete the said post on the blog it’s currently at; and then making a new post on your most updated blogs.

But this is time consuming as you have to do the above steps 100 times.

The smarter solution is to use the built-in export feature of Blogger.

How to move content between your Blogger blogs:

Step 1: Go to Settings link of the blogs whose posts you want to move

Step 2: On the basic tabbed paged (that you’re currently at) Click on the Export blog link in Blog Tools.

Step 3: Click on Download Blog

Step 4: Save the downloaded file (an xml file) at some location of your choice on your PC. Save it where you can easily find it, as you have to use it in later steps.

Step 5: Go to Blogger dashboard (where all your blogs are listed)

Step 6: Go the Settings page of the blog where you want to move the posts.

Step 7: On the basic tabbed paged (that you’re currently at) this time Click on the Import blog link in Blog Tools.

Step 8:  Click on the choose file button and select the xml file that you saved to your pc in Step 4. Type the word in the text box and check Automatically publish all imported posts box(if you want to change date and time options of the moved blogs, then don’t check it; in that case all the moved posts will be saved as drafts). And finally click IMPORT BLOG.

You’ve successfully moved the posts from one blog to another.

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