How to subscribe to RSS Feeds in Google Reader

By A Bisht

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds in a Google Reader:

You have installed an RSS Feed Reader, like Google Reader, but don’t know how to subscribe to RSS feeds. Then this is the process:

1) Locate the RSS feed link (an xml file) in the website you wish to subscribe. If you have difficuly finding it text search the website by pressing ctrl+f.RSS feed icon loooks like this.

2) Now you have two options yo subscribe to this rss feed. First one is rather simple. When you click on the Rss feed link, you’ll be taken to rss feed page and askes to choose the reader of your choice. You have to choose Google Reader from the options.And you're subscribed to the new feed.

Second one is rather lengthy. If on clicking on the rss link you are not being taken to rss feed page and shown the reader options. Then simply right click the rss feed button or link and choose ‘Copy Link Address’ from the menu. Now go to Google Reader and click ‘Add a subscription’ link on the top of left sidebar. A text box will open Paste the url copied earlier and click Add. You’re subscribed to the new rss feed. Wait for a few seconds, the feed will appear in the Reader window. --------