Mobile Phone reach among US Children 2009

Compared to 2005, more children in US are using mobile phones in 2009. Four years ago, while 18 out of every hundred 10-11 year olds were having mobile phones, in 2009 the number has grown to 36. The mobile phone usage has increased in lower age groups too.

Back in 2005, 11 percent of 8-9 year olds have access to mobile; in 2009, about 18 percent have mobile access.

Last but not the least the mobile usage among the youngest age group is also increasing. In 2005, less than 5 percent of 6-7 year olds were using mobile phones. Now this has grown to 6.5 percent.

With this, in 2009, 20 out of every hundred 6-11 year olds have access to mobile phone.In 2005, this number was 11. --------