Motorola Inc to launch about six smartphones in China in 2010

Motorola had launched two smartphones in China in Dec 2009. The company plans to launch five to six new smartphones in China in 2010.

Motorola’s smartphones run Google’s Android Operating system.

The company recently launched its 'MOTOROI' smartphone in South Korea, to be offered by SK Telecom. The model has a bigger camera and more media features than its Droid model sold in the United States.

Motoroi in South Korea

A version of this phone will be launched in China in the first half of 2010. The company declined to disclose the name of the Chinese operator though.

The company is not averse to developing devices with other platforms, such as Microsoft's Windows Mobile.
Partner China Mobile in October said it would introduce eight smartphone models from Motorola in 2010, using a lower-cost platform called OPhone.

Motorola inc. plans to launch at least 20 models across the world this year. --------