Nokia to sell flagship X6 model without Music package at reduced price

Nokia’s flagship X6 phone, which went on sale in Europe late last year – bundled with music package (Nokia’s “Comes with Music” service), for an estimated retail price of 450 euros ($634), excluding taxes and subsidies.; will now be sold without the music package; at two third of the earlier price. When first launched, the X6 went on sale only with the music package.

Nokia unveiled “Comes with Music” service in late 2008 in Britain – so as to test the new mobile services in Europe -- but because of a couple of reasons like lack of operator support (enthusiasm) and target audience finding the phone too expensive (as they are not in habit of paying for music) and not so sleek looks plus weak processor, making price very unrealistic; never allowed the phone to gain traction.

The new X6 model will sell for 299 euros($421), excluding taxes and subsidies, starting this quarter. It will also have a 16 gigabyte memory card, half the size of the original model.