Smart way to name your Google Reader folders

By A Bisht

In my previous post I wrote the steps to save feeds (websites) to different folders in a Google reader. The names or tags given to these folders should be based on feed topic, frequency of use or degree of importance.
Now lets discuss a smart way to name the folders. Make a folder named ‘Always’ and save all those feeds(websites) in it; which you read daily or whose frequency of use is high.

This way you don’t have to scroll down the list to access high frequency feeds and the folder will appear at the top or near the top.

Now, even if a feed has a high use frequency, and you saved it in Always folder; make sure to save it in folders according to its category and subcategory. Like a Blogging feed can be simultaneously saved in Blogging folder and seo sub-category folder.

So make a habit of saving a folder in multiple folders on the basis of different considerations( Some call this giving multiple tags to a feed).

One more useful tip to better organize folders is to append folders with high frequency of use with an Alphabet A. --------