Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in the browser

Right now you may be using the default screen capture/shot capability of Windows, Mac etc.
But one problem with these default capabilities, is that one has to press a lot of keys and has to move to some image editor(like paint in the case of Windows) to accomplish the task.
So there’s always a want to take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in the browser. No doubt, this will be a far efficient way of capturing and editing webpages.

The solution is Aviary screen capture.

If you capture webpages once or twice a week. Then you can capture and edit a webpage just doing this (you can manage without going to Aviary capture page):

For instance, say you want to take a screen shot of tech24hours , Then just add/append aviary.com/ to the tech24hours website url in the browser address bar; Like this:


And you’ll get a screen shot of tech24hours and edit it directly in the browser.

Now if you are a blogger or a designer, who needs tens of screenshots per day, then it’s better for you to install Aviary Screen capture add-ons depending on the particular browser you use.

Using add-ons has three benefits: 1) You will get an easily clickable Capture icon on your browser toolbar 2) You will get other tools too; and 3) If the aviary.com capture page or the above mentioned shortcut fails to get you the capture; then you will have your capture the other way around.

Install Aviary screen capture add-ons/extensions for your particular browser. Choose the one for your browser. --------