Top 15 Ad Networks December 2009 based on their reach among U.S. Internet users

comScore has released the December 2009 Ranking of Top Ad Networks the top 15 ad networks based on their reach among U.S. Internet users in December 2009.

AOL Advertising with a reach of 187 million (91 percent of the total audience) is at number one, followed by Yahoo! Network (180.9 million) at number two and Google Ad Network (178.1 million) at number three. The fastest growing ad network on the basis of audience reach among the top 15 was Microsoft Media Network U.S, growing 31 percent versus year ago, followed by Collective Network (up 22 percent) and Audience Science (up 16 percent).

Top 15 Ad Networks December 2009 based on their reach among U.S. Internet users:

AOL Advertising______________________________187 million
Yahoo! Network______________________________180.9 million
Google Ad Network___________________________ 178.1 million
ValueClick Networks___________________________170.8 million

Microsoft Media Network US____________________ 165.4 million (Highest growth)

Specific Media________________________________165.2 million
FOX Audience Network________________________156.9 million
24/7 Real Media______________________________ 155.8 million

Collective network_____________________________153.9 million (Second highest growth)

interCLICK _________________________________149 million
Tribal Fusion_________________________________147.2 million

Audience Science (formerly Revenue Science)________146.4 million (Third highest growth)

Traffic Marketplace______________________________144.1 million
Adconion Media Group___________________________141.2 million
Turn Inc_______________________________________138.3 million

Ad networks continue to be a powerful mechanism for delivering a large audience online, with eight different networks reaching at least 75 percent of the entire U.S. online population. --------